Rough Rider bonuses

Do the shield bonuses simply not work on the Rough Rider shields? I thought this was on the list to correct in the last patch or hotfix. :\

I hope this is in the corrwct section.

I’ve tested but it seems to only count as having no shield. I ended up getting lucky and found one with 20% resist shock. For being are a rare drop you’d figure they’d give the full shield bonuses. I’d love to use it on Zane.

That’s exactly who I use it on. Lol

It seems to work for his low shield hp regen skills, but I guess they haven’t decided whether it’s full at 0 or constantly depleted. :frowning:

I just think the class mods are pathetic for him. I love Zane but the 5% SNTL bonus only comes with skill not in the SNYL SKILL TREE!!! WTF?!? He wrecks mobs but Mayhem 3 solo boss farming is just impossible for him atm.