Rough rider build questions

I was looking to try something different , a build around the rough rider and have a few questions. I usually use a l.siren with a protection relic and with scorn - ruin caps. I do have a couple different banshee coms gathered up.

So my wonders are:
What skills to go for?
Whats a good relic?
Is there any weapons that work better with the movement speed? (harold, bitch, shotties)

level 72 op8

Well, as for skills, definitely think you should consider:
-Fleet (MS when your shield is depleted, it is always depleted so…always on MS? score)
-Sweet Release (Orbs restore % of missing health, so with a huge health pool that can potentially be a LOT)
-Restoration (% health increase on top of the add from the RR, more health!)
-Elated (% health regen with huge health pool is powerful)
-Sustenance (% of missing health, could be significant if you’re missing a lot of health, can stack it with SR and E)
-Life Tap (RR’s damage reduction makes this skill effectively 20% stronger, also can restore the entirety of your hitpoints to full because it’s all health, and no shields)

I would definitely consider a relic that increases max health such as Blood of the Ancients/Seraphs.

Since the RR gives 20% damage reduction, this effectively amplifies the effectiveness of Moxxi Weapon healing effects by 20%.

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Recompense and Kinect Reflection are good skills to keep in mind.
Forget about the Banshee COM, it isnt worth just for Fleet.

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Just put 5 points in it and use a better COM instead.
10/5 Fleet is almost uncontrollable anyway

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A while back, I used a RR-build against the GOD-liath couple in the Wedding Day HH-pack. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact build, so I’m just gonna point out the main skills and also the gear.

Fleet, KR, Converge, Ruin, Immolate. Then I used a Butcher, Grog and a Norfleet with a Blood of the Ancient relic (Health + Shotgun ammo + RL ammo). RR-shield, ofc, and a Breakneck Banshee COM to boost Fleet and Immolate.

Since the couple revive each other, you need to kill them both within a very short time. That’s why the Norfleet is important, along with Immolate. The rest is basically all about zipping all over the place, and laughing all the time. I wouldn’t recommend this setup for general mobbing, but for this fight… Hilarious! And very effective!

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Thanks for the replies, sounds like load up on some health and maybe play with different coms. Wonder how a trickster would work.

I would try something like this
with the Legendary Binder and either a Vitality Relic or a Corrosive Bone of the Ancients. Maybe even a Longbow Slag Transfusion grenade just to be safe.

Just lower your sensitivity and it will be controllable.

I would go Cloudkill, cloudkill, a moxxii weapon/lifetap to heal off cloudkill, and maybe a point in cloudkill. If you’re setting yourself up to be vulnerable, may as well utilize one of her best skills. I disagree about the class mod, incidentally; you could easily drop points into Reaper, Mind’s Eye, Ruin, Chain Reaction, and Suspension for a very strong Siren who also happens to move at supersonic speeds. I tried that once, incidentally. It’s easy to die, but even easier to stay alive if you stay mobile, because you can almost outrun enemy bullets.

I forget my exact build, but I use one for farming. The extra speed of 11/5 is amazing! I echo the norfleet use, and switch to Leg Cat/BeeHawk as well. I think its this
Minus that point in inertia and put in res or sustenance I think. Im on my phone so can’t see

Rough Rider on Maya should automatically mean Breakneck Banshee + 5/5 Fleet = 11/5 Fleet. Why else would one even consider a Rough Rider? There are way better shields for that.

She who fights and runs away, can fight and run away another day!

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