Rough Rider can utilize Adrenaline and Confident Competence but there's one thing

… it only works after a save&quit, assuming you have a +Shield Capacity Stat on class mod or relic. Once the fake shield of your item stat gets destroyed, it won’t recharge on top of that.

So I believe this could make Rough Rider / Under Cover builds somewhat more valuable because all you need is one stat BUT it’s one-time-use only.

I’m wondering now, is there a way to recharge your fake shield, just like save&quit does?

Edit: maybe a tax return RR?

Isn’t there a clone augment that returns shield? It would be very unreliable, but it’s something.

Thanks for this btw. Seems like Zane has some options there.

FYI. The extra shield capacity stat paired with the Rough Rider breaks Calm, Cool, Collected.

So if I’m understanding this right, you get one shot with Adrenaline and CC and then you have to relog again? Doesn’t seem worth it.