Rough rider donation?

Anyone have a rough rider shield they would like to donate? It would be much appreciated!! I’m lvl 55 now, so either a lvl50, 61 or 72 would work. Thank you!!

Psn is dropxxzone.

Is there an efficient place to farm this?

It’s dropped by the Bulwark, a non respawning boss in the hammerlock dlc mission Palling Around.

Thanks!! Been away from the game too long!

Wrong, he does respawn. You just have to kill the adds around him, about 8-10 bullymong, and stay far enough away from him that he leaves his rock form after killing the adds. I have a level 50 one I can drop for you if you’d like, although it only takes 5-10 kills on average to get it which is about 20 minutes., Reiden219 is my psn.

That would be fantastic! I’ll send you a friend request! Thank you! I might be on tonight but will definitely be on tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday. Probably around 7:30pm eastern time.