Rough Rider Infiltrator Zane Build - High DPS on Mayhem 3 Slaughter Shaft

Completed Mayhem 3 Slaughter Shaft with a -70% health regen modifier and overall neutral modifiers. Anointed enemies are easy to take down. Btw, Double Barrel Digi-Clone with the SkekSil is very effective.


  • Maggie - primary damage dealer, synergy with Infiltrator Class Mod and bonus crit damage modifier for Jakobs

  • Deft Barrage Assault Rifle - secondary damage dealer, also good for freezing

  • Redline Shotgun (Incendiary) - used for decent burst damage against larger enemies or groups

  • SkekSil Pistol (Corrosive) - primary use for Digi-Clone, S-tier usage and melts armored enemies

  • Rough Rider Shield - used for synergy with Class Mod and to proc CCC at full health

  • Recurring Hex (Cryo) - high cryo efficiency used to help us freeze and proc CCC

  • Infiltrator Class Mod - bonus gun damage based on how low our shields are, so a major boost with RR shield

  • Ice Breaker Artifact - bonus damage against frozen enemies and increased Cryo efficiency

Doubled Agent Tree:

  • Synchronicity (5/5): +20% gun damage per active action skill

  • Praemunitus (3/3): +25% magazine size for Zane and Digi-Clone

  • Donnybrook (5/5): +15% gun damage, 2.5% health regen for Zane and Digi-Clone (Kill Skill)

  • Fractal Frags (1/1): Clone spawns with grenade and drops a free grenade on death. Also, 30% chance for clone to throw another grenade on Kill Skill while still active.

  • Duct Tape Mod (5/5): Zane gets a 20% chance to throw a grenade from first shot fired

  • Which One’s Real (Augment): Synergy with Trick of the Light

  • Digital Distribution (Augment): Shared health damage with Clone

  • Pocket Full of Grenades (1/3): Grenade regeneration 5% per second (Kill Skill)

  • Boom. Enhance. (1/1): Clone consumes up to 3 grenades for massive buffs

  • Trick of the Light (3/3): 18% shock damage to enemies not targeting Main Zane

  • Double Barrel (1/1): Clone spawns and is equipped with Zane’s gun, +20% increased gun damage for Zane and clone every time they swap

Under Cover Tree:

  • Adrenaline (5/5): Up to +35% action skill cool down rate based on amount of shields, useless for this build

  • Rise to the Occasion (5/5): Up to 5% health regeneration per second based on how low Zane’s shields are

  • Brain Freeze (5/5): +20% chance to slow enemies on crits until they freeze

  • Stiff Upper Lip (3/3): +15% damage resistance based on type

  • All-Rounder (Augment): Dome shield, +20% cooldown

  • Deterrence Field (Augment): Shock damage and stagger enemies

  • Really Expensive Jacket (1/1): Status effect duration -50%

  • Futility Belt (1/1): +22% damage reduction on elemental type converted to non-elemental (Kill Skill)

  • Refreshment (1/3): Life steal 8% of damage dealt

  • Calm, Cool, Collected (1/1): Action skill cooldown and duration immediately reset when freezing enemies while shields and health are full