Rough Rider is NEVER Full AND NEVER Depleted

Hey guys, quick info I got for you.
The rough rider shield (that has a capacity of 0) is never considered as “full” and is NEVER considered “depleted”

I tested this while trying to figure out that melee amara actually increases the damage in which way… because numbers and increases are super weird and buggy in this game,
I have a roid rough rider with 80% melee damage while depleted, and another one with 10% movespeed while depleted, both actually DO NOT work.
I reloged several times just to make sure.

so I tested in on zane with his freeze cooldown reset thing, at it actually just recharges health or grants you cd reset (but we already knew that from some videos)

so yeah, its not FULL not DEPLETED.


It is neither FULL nor DEPLETED. Bonuses that only work when your shield is fully charged like the cooldown ability in the Guardian Ranks and Zane’s Adenaline skill also don’t work.

I haven’t tested if it can count as DEPLETED when you have an artifact with +max shield or a point in “Thin Red Line” on Moze. Technically you then have a capacity that can be depleted and never recharges as recharge rate is zero.

By the way there is one exception: Zane’s skill “Rise to the Occasion” (gain health regen the lower his shield is) works with the Rough Rider. You always get the full bonus, but as it is tier 2 in his skill tree you have the invest into a useless tier 1 skill to get there.


it must be a bug since borderlands 2 rough rider isn’t like that.

and one of the perks in rough rider is a roid bonus, lol


it most definitly is.

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It acts as though it’s depleted for me. I get the buff from my Zane mod.

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@Epoa are you 100% sure? how did you test it? what mod are you refering too?
the one that just say the lower the shields?
yes the shield is 100% “low” but not “depleted” aas it also works with zane’s health regen


Does Moze benefit from her Armored Infantry skill while wearing the Rough Rider?

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I think it will not, and it definitly shouldn’t. since it is not active…
which in return would mean its depleted… but as of right now this shield seems bugged


Huh. I thought infiltrator gave the bonus only when you had no shield. My apologies.

I’ll definitely take a look at it. This may make my build far weaker than it should be.

yeah… for specific interactions this game right now is a little messy… many things that should work do not…

I also had a fun little idea with moze and the legendary amp shield that returns damage as health+bloodletter class mod.

In theory the class mods say health is added to your shield, so when you shoot some one, it should drain your shield to do 120% bonus damage and then return it to you as health so actually as shield while wearing bloodletter which then immediatly sets it back to full again so every shot would be amp… kinda like a DIY bee shield.
BUT sadly it just does not reutn any health as shield… #feelsbadman


The Bloodletter class mod is a bit picky on what counts as healing. Also the restore +x% max health per kill on artifacts does not get applied to shield. So far only health kits, the “Vampyr” skill and static health regeneration (on artifacts/class mods) works. Haven’t tested if the +x% max health per second from the Brawler Ward shield works.

SO, i’ve tested this ■■■■ out. Simply, rough rider is bugged as ■■■■ and gearbox should fix this asap cause Zane can gain lot of potential with a fixed rough rider.

The shield doesn’t count as depleted or full of both at the same time.
The shield simply doesn’t count AT ALL. It’s like you don’t have any shield when you have RR equipped.

I’ve a sprint rough rider that says when the shield is depleted, mov. speed is increased by 10%. But zane dmg is still the exactly same! so it’s not really depleted.
Same for the counter part, the full shield. Zane skill “Nerves of steel”, doesn’t charge any stack, and this skill charge up to 15 stacks when the shield is fully charged.

Let’s wait and let’s hope that gearbox will fix this.

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Let me add a note, infiltrator mod works with rough rider in some way.

tested with a white smg against a skagg in normal mode

DMG with both mod and shield about 560
DMG with both mod and shield while moving about 750/780

DMG with mod off and shield on about 460
DMG with mod off and shield on while moving about 560/570

Hmm… i have a Rough Rider with 8% movement speed when depleted & 20% cooldown anointment. The movement speed doesn’t work, did I get this right?

@schmu666 correct.

Ouch, well let’s hope they fix this at some point… can add it to the long list of bugs.

Not exactly a fix, but you can work around the problem by having a relic/class mod that increase your shield capacity, you’ll then have a tiny shield that"ll never regen thank to rough rider, then always depleted


oh that a pretty nice tip! thank you! have you tested this?

That’s a brilliant idea. I’ll plan on testing this tonight if no on has yet.

It work for me at least. I had no idea about the rough rider bug cause my favorite relic have bonus shield on it, so the bonus always worked just fine, so I suppose it’s a work around