Rough Rider is NEVER Full AND NEVER Depleted

Shooting star shield is also bugged.

Half this game is bugged… really disappointing


@DP_Unkemptharold dont worry, it would suck anyway… they messed up static numbers in this game completly for endgame, this thing would do NO damage… no even with a reduntant face puncher imo… but MAYBE this would be the only place…

There’s a video of it speedkilling graveward in like 2 seconds on YouTube with it. It definitely does damage…

The shield is bugged in that the projectiles shoot way too low so the same guy that did this video said projectiles when Aimed at an enemy are basically firing from underground so it’s bugged in that sense. Big bosses like graveward if you aim extremely high the projectiles will still hit


oh what?! his shield does 5900 damage though?! I only seen once that do 500 damage??? wait is my game bugged?
I littrerally believe the numbers are only 10% of this… I have seen 500 some what and was like… meh… x14 would be just 7k damage…

but doing 84k damage MIGHT change my view slightly…

Well the first obvious question is was your shield at level 50?

I don’t have one myself so that’s the only I’ve ever seen to base numbers off of(the one in the vid)

yeah, I dont have a character below level 50 since day 6 xD
i swear it said 500 for me… or I am completly crazy…

but I also now found more bugs like this, I only now think about the consequences… for instance I had a brawler shield that would show me only 80% melee damage when depleted… I am afraid this was happening to my shooting star as well… and who knows what what else I saw numbers way lower…

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there are many weird bugs like this… sometimes items are just shown to me as random number codes or data names

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You can get a ward that only has 80% melee damage instead of 300. You can also get 180% it just depends on the parts and prefix.

I’d say you missed a digit or the parts dictate the damage. Haven’t had the shield so can’t compare.
I just know that similiar nova or spike shields at level 50 all deal 5-7k on average so wouldn’t Make sense for that to be only 500

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Im going to refarm one now

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I just assumed it would be right as there are many low numbers in level 50 items, the spike shield and the shock aura shield both have reaaaally low numbers too…

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you got a shooting star? I wanna test it.

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I don’t it’s an easy farm if you look it up on YouTube I just haven’t had the time to

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who drops it?

edit: i see the one kill challenge where we save hammerlock.

yep, definitly works.


Darn you, Schrodinger, and the bull moose you rode in on.

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Well then… Gearbox “And you can have a nerf too”

We aren’t allowed to have fun things might as well delete that video and keep I amongst ourselves before the popular borderlands youtubers post it and it gets nerfed as well (although I’d rather they fix it so projectiles Fire correctly)

I rather have a fixed version too, but for now this is my new graveward farmer build ^^

If you want to test stuff I’d suggest not completing the Kevin Conundrum, so you can test on that little immortal critter.

nice tip!

I don’t understand. Can you explain this build?