Rough Rider makes me look like an idiot

My character with the Rough Rider shield gets booted from pickup teams more often than any other. I bet people are looking at my lack of a shield bar and saying “who’s this idiot running around without a shield?!”
Can you do something? Change the bar graphic? Maybe make it a 1 point shield so it will look charged between fights?


If people are kicking you because of a shield that has been in the series since 2012, they are doing you a favor. You don’t want to play with those idiots.


rough rider/ward, face puncher have a bad reputation in this game due to damage glitches.

they probably kicked you in thinking that you will just one shot everyone with the glitch.

i hate it since legit roid and face puncher is one of my favorites in this game.


Screwing up the shields by giving it a capacity (even if it 1) is not a good solution. Especially since the just recently patched it to work correctly.

Also as @13igTyme stated it has been in game a long time so people who played BL2 a lot know of it’s existance, and any melee Krieg could tell you just how powerful it made their builds.

So if you are getting kicked it likely isn’t just the sheild. It is more likely because that shield means you are a melee build. Currently melee builds aren’t meta since meta follows the broken/glitched/op builds that streamers popularize and overhype for views.

So the shield isn’t to blame the cookie cutter builds that people use from streamers is, since so many think the only viable builds are the popular streamer builds.

Or it could also be what @nat_zero_six said above me.


Ive been kicked for just playing as a gunner so i feel your pain; sorta? (Was on m3 n i usually carried the whole team then…) n tbh if someones stacking the rr; its easily noticable with how long theyve gotta swap them to get the damage up


i have been sharing in fb borderlands groups and reddits of some runs/kills using all 4 vault hunters using melee/face puncher builds and i am getting called for cheating/glitching.

like in this graveward kill with my face puncher moze.

I am just afraid that if gearbox fix those glitches, those gears will be nerf and will be useless along with my legit builds.


I know the feeling. I was called a glitcher in BL2 because I could 1 or 2 shot most things in UVHM (without damaging shields) with my Zero sniper build. Obviously very few people took the time to make a Trespasser/amp-shield build. Of course I did eventually replace the generic purple amp-shield with a Bee. Then when Commander Lilith Dlc came out my Trespasser got replaced with the Amigo Sincero.

However when people message saying they are reporting me for cheating and attach a video for proof, my response is, “Go for it. They will look at your video and discover the only glitcher/cheater in your video is the Salvador…oh wait that is you!”

Needless to say that usually shuts them up, makes them rage quit, and ends the conversation.

And I only used my Roughe rider-explosive-melee-mutant-B.A.-Krieg with friends because constant heals from helpful healing Maya were detrimental to my build.


I’m actually not a melee build.
I’m running Amara with life steal on elemental damage, and health regen on my action skill (and some added action skill recharge anointments). So I end up with a larger, slower-decaying health bar that I have time to regenerate back up.

Maybe an improvement would be to show the 35% extra HP as a red-colored shield bar, like some of those ratch with two health bars?

[quote=“AtticusBatman, post:7, topic:4238460, full:true”] Obviously very few people took the time to make a Trespasser/amp-shield build.
I did. :slight_smile: Hello, kindred spirit.

:smile: :rofl:

edit: gave a like on this post just because it made me LaFFF :rofl:

EDIT 2: specifically and I Quote you "who’s this idiot running around without a shield?!” :rofl:


Alas - people can be so shallow! In my case I think I get kicked off because I am inept
:grinning: -

Scanlan’s razor “never attribute to malice that which can be explained by human stupidity”


1 point on the shields would be kinda screwy though with always depleted being one of the most important parts of the shield. but i get what you mean. no one wants to run a raid with an idiot that doesn’t have a shield on. less people want to run a raid with an idiot that can’t figure out that it’s cuz of rough rider.