Rough rider shield request

make it so that when you have a “regen shield” skill that it regens health (or adds some more armor for a few seconds) when using the rough rider

some mods i use with the rough rider give me points in skills wich have shield regen… but there’s no shield to regen.

or something that works with the rough rider :wink:

also, people on the forum… give you opinions :smiley: (i’m just throwing this against the wall and see if it sticks)

hello from what I understand you can use a augment that gives small amount of shield as it will never recharge this will make the shield count as being full depleted . I am trying to find out what the shield actually does . I know it gives me health regeneration as I have 0 and I will regen more the less life I have now I am also wondering about the damage reduction . it seems I cant die some times I should be dead but instead my life stops at 1 . but no one seems to talk about what it actually does only what it does not do . can anyone tell me what this shields hidden abilitys are ?

Nothing is hidden really, it does exactly what the card states. Which would be a health increase and 23% damage reduction. The damage reduction just means if you get hit by a weapon that does 100 dmg you only take 77. As far as the stopping at 1 hp goes if you are above 50% health you can’t be downed by 1 hit. This existed in borderlands 2 as well, it was known as a health gate in the community

hello they advertise that any equipment with red writing has 1 hidden effect and that every legendary has 1 hidden effect . this gives me large amounts of health regeneration and I am not sure what else it does