Rough Rider with DLC class mod visual bug

Hi guys,

I recently started running a cryo Zane build with Rough Rider shield and encountered what maybe classifies as a visual bug.
Recently I got the DLC class mod “Seeing Dead” but in my own foolishness it was one with added shield capacity.

My UI showed that I didn’t have any shield capacity (again, Rough Rider as expected) , I would start fighting mobs, see at some point a shield break animation and after that “Calm, cool and collected” would stop activating. Assuming I had extra shield capacity and since Rough Rider shield recovery rate is 0, it would never recover (unless I exited to main menu). Took me half a day to discover this.

As a heads up for anyone that encounters this :smile:

If you have any relic or mod that adds shield, this will happen.

I imagined this would be the case, but shouldn’t this appear in the UI though?