Rough Rider Zane? Alchemist is a must

So, been mulling around with a rough rider infiltrator zane. Realized that the alchemist is DISGUSTING thanks to this recent buff. Raw 25% damage increase… except that there’s the natural 9% or so buff with each sticky, and if you go for rise to the occasion (+5% health regen on depleted shields… so just +5% health regen) the “cost” to shooting the alchemist is paid for. Throw on some salvation and suddenly you’re melting every time you reload without even realizing you’re getting hurt (outside of the incessant thwacking noise). a natural 200%-ish on a total stickied clip means that 25% is really a 75% buff because of triple damage. Absolutely melts bosses like the gravewarden (not to unnerfed queens call crit fl4k levels, but hey it’s better than most).

Even on a -50% rifle damage or -50% incendiary, it’s nowhere near as noticeable as on other guns. It’s just incredible.

That Regen isn’t working with your RR unfortunately. RR counts as full for depleted parts and depleted for full parts…and counts as full for Confident Competence, depleted for Nerves of Steel, full for CCC, depleted for Adrenaline, etc etc etc. That shield is a mess.

EDIT: Does work as empty for Infiltrator coms though, that’s a plus.

Does the Transformer make the Alchemist heal you instead of hurting you? I’m not sure what damage type the self damage is.

Weird. I’ve been rolling with it and I’ve had the extra regen. Had about 10k health with an extra 150 regen from the artifact. Dropped down to ~1000 and definitely didn’t take even close to 15+ seconds if it was just the 150. I’ll do some more testing tho

Its shock, so it does heal the transformer. However, you will still hurt yourself with ASEs, Sntl Cryo, Trick of the Light, etc