Rough Rider + Zane

A few skills in the green tree do not work at all with rough rider.
Adrenaline does not count 0/0 shields as being “full”
Nor does Confident Competence.
Nor does Nerves of Steel.
Confident Competence is not as big a deal, but Adrenaline not counting it means that rough rider negates all 3 first tier skills in the tree, and ends up wasting 5 skill points if you want to progress into the tree at all.

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Also Infiltrator class mods do not give bonus damage with rough rider.
They give bonus move speed, but not bonus damage.

It’s because both Zane and the Rough rider have most of their abilities that actually do not work as intended.

Get a relic with +maximum shield an break it with infiltrator, someone said it makes it work, I just don’t know for how long.

I said it once and I say it again. The game treats the rough rider as not having a shield on. I think that, because in an early build of the game bahroo showed off,that the rough rider didn’t even have a shield bar. Additionally CCC also works, which is the same as not having a shield on. What I don’t know is, if CCC still works if you have +maximum shield with your rough rider. Adrenalin should have an effect if your shield is empty, that would be helpful.

CCC would work really poorly with +max shield mod and rough rider.
you would constantly be procing shield recharge and NEVER get cooldown refreshes.

Does it really, though? I wonder if it would. If you get the chance to actually try it, please report back.

How did you test it? The last time I tested it, it gave exactly 20% bonus damage (movement speed was actually much harder to test and I basically deducted it from damage numbers while moving). I have not tested resistance but there is a chance that the resistance might kick in after health damage, which would make Rough Rider quite an interesting shield, as Zane lacks shield regeneration but has tons of Life generation bonuses (I mean, that Confident Competence and Nerves of Steal would not work should be pretty obvious after reading their description; so just use your limited points for Health Regeneration and Resistance as anything shield related would not work that well without shields, who would have thought that? The only bad thing, which should be addressed, is that you have to spend 5 useless points, not that some skills are working as described).

equipped an artifact w/ +shield.
froze enemy
rough rider has 0 recharge rate.
i.e. the shield started to “recharge” wasting CCC’s proc but did not recharge at all.

Shot a player with the mod on.
shot a player with another mod on.


Rough Rider does not count as depleted, even with shield mod (this should be changed, it should always count as depleted to make use of its stats).
Also don’t test anything with players. Until there is a shooting range, go to normal mode, spawn a vehicle, get a gun with 100/120 damage, and fire at the vehicle (preferrably without any other skills or passives interfering; on a side note: could I just delete the profile in save and copy it back later to remove any “badass” stats?).
€: There is also a chance the damage bonus might get snapshotted, or that another bonus might have kicked in (which is why you would want to have only skills/bonuses active that you want to test).

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I am incorrect… Rough Rider DOES work with Infiltrator mods.
Using your method of shooting a vehicle shows a clear damage boost.
Not exactly sure how much, but ~20%

Did you have other gun damage boosts on while doing this for example synchronicity, Donnybrook? I am asking because I would want to know if those 20% are additive or multiplicative.

dont quote me on 20%.
Yes. I did.
A few.
20% is a VERY VERY VERY rough estimate.
I am NOT one of those super test nerd types. :stuck_out_tongue:
However… It DOES provide some sort of damage boost with rough rider.
I suggest you test yourself if that interested in the exact numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

In my tests it was 20% (could be 19.xx, 20.xx as B3 does not display decimals and has some wonky rounding; 100 damage gun, 84 damage with passive, 101 displayed while standing, no other bonuses except for 5.xx% passive), but usually devs go for nice looking numbers anyway.

Thank you, though to know if it’s multiplicative or additive we need a test with for example full synchronicity and donnybrook bonuses, to see if the % damage increase stays at 20 or goes down with every additional skill.

I was mainly testing violent momentum, but the only instance where all of my different test results were in ± 1 of expected results, were when I assumed a 15% movement speed increase from Rough Rider, damage increase from Rough Rider was additive and badass rank damage increase was multiplicative, other possible formulas always were off quite a bit when adding larger bonuses (+5 Violent Momentum Infiltrator).

In my experience this rough rider and infiltrator class mod Combo works sometimes and the bonus damage can be really good and makes Zane fell very good to play with but when it ain’t working you can tell I’ve tested it on graveward for hours at times on mayham 3 with no weapon buffs and enemies gain 45 percent health and shield and I always use the same gun night hawking and also i purposely will NOT deploy my barrier or drone for that extra gun damage and I will go through the first part of his health with ease (usually before his first wind up ) …then somtimes I do it with with 50 percent smg buff or the 70 elemental buff and I do way less damage keep in mind I’m still using the nighthawkin
Which makes me believe the rough rider is bugged or maybe the class mod is bugged or maybe the increase is random I dunno but it’s really irritating and I hope it gets sorted soon

I don’t use the RR anymore.
Level 1 brawler ward does the Job just as good.

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why are you guys killing yourselves over some 20% damage lol