Roughly How Many Kills Earns You Brand Loyalty Awards?

Ok, so at this point in the game (just hit Sanctuary BUT am almost double the level of the story missions due to exploring, farming & weapons testing) I have received two loyalty awards in my Mail (where you get a letter from
them thanking you for being a nice customer and a good gun of their brand that you can accept).

One from Jakobs and one from either Hyperion or Vladof, or possibly from Jakobs twice.

I know there is a trophy for receiving a loyalty reward from each manufacturer so I have been trying to keep a weapon of each brand in my inventory and using them all equally.

Does anyone know approximately how many kills with weapons by a given manufacturer it takes to get a manufacturer to send you a loyalty reward?

Thanks in advance!

On your map back out to galaxy view. Check the challenges there. The brand loyalty seems to correspond with the ‘Manufacturer kill’ challenges. So just check those to see how many kills you need for that challenge’s current rank.

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Excellent, thank you kindly!

A lot of the manufacturer mails seems to indicate 100 kills.

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I cant seem to find these challenges on my map. I know it takes 100 but all I have left is cov and I just want to see how much longer I have to use this ■■■■■■ weapon

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I’m with you on COV weapons … I find they are all mostly steaming piles of … broken.

Linoge, pestilence is pretty decent.

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I think the Hanging Chad is also COV if i recall right and that thing is essentially a fire infinity pistol.