RoughRider + Hard Carry, Viable for Axton at the Peak at OP10?

Haven’t tried it but was thinking about the possibilities.

Maybe Purple Chaotic Neutral Ranger
BIG Fire Rate Boost…all the time
Huge Mag Size Boost
+5 Impact
+4 Ranger
+4 Grit

Gives me a constant 35% gun damage boost from Crisis Management and Grit would be at least 5/5 but if I die I get ANOTHER 40% gun damage and 70% movement speed from Last Ditch Effort during that TWO MINUTE FFYL TIME the Hard Carry gives you.

That’s right folks… TWO MINUTES…

Something like this:

Or I could just ignore the shield boost in Preparation and do the Legendary Soldier Mod. But I’d also lose the +5% to seven different skills Ranger would give.

Something like this:
Weapons would be:
Unicornsploosion subbed with a Grog if I was TOO fragile…
Peak Opener
Corrosive Norfleet
OP 10 Purple Magic Missiles that regen

Who cares if I am a bit of a POWERFUL glass cannon…If I break…I get EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

And I have a full two minutes to come out of FFYL…

Who needs a shield…lol

Thoughts anyone???


Well, as someone who never uses it, is Ranger even noticeable at 10/5? I personally don’t see any benefits from putting all those points in it. I could be wrong, though.



I personally would not spec it 10/5…

But I might spec it 6/5 or 5/5 using one point and something like Chaotic Neutral Ranger or Legendary Ranger.

One point to get a 5% boost in 7 different skills (including Gun and Critical Hit Damage) is probably worth it.

After that it’s probably diminishing returns…

@Triad_Thunder Triad…make sure you sign up for the Borderlands VIP program…TOTALLY easy way to get reward guns…totally legit. I have Two Norfleets at OP 10 from that program already.

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Wow, that VIP program sounds crazy good! I’ll have to check that out.

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Well you only get the FFLY time if you’re wearing both the Hard Carry Relic and the Easy Mode shield. So no rough rider in this scenario.

It’s still interesting to think about using the handful of Axton’s skills that reach their full potential during FFLY - Last Ditch Effort, Crisis Management, and Pressure. I’m not sure the best place in the Peak to test this out. Thinking maybe Dukino’s Mom since she’s a) kind of annoying, and b) a huge target that’s unlikely to backpedal like mad. Without even changing my usual spec, I could try out Undead Tediore Axton, just a wear Veteran comm (+6 pressure, +5 steady) and try to kill her with two minutes of crazy fast tediore reloads. I’ll give it a go in the next day or two

I wouldn’t feel comfortable downing myself in the peak unless I can guarantee the enemy is going to stay next to me though. It feels too risky for enemies that are more mobile like the assassins. Then again, Axton can get up to 154% movement speed and 88% gun damage in FFLY so maybe there will be something there if we test it


Crap…COMPLETELY forgot I needed the Easy Mode Shield.

That causes pause.

Without that safety net. Not sure the RoughRider is doable on Axton.

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I did use the Hard Carry and Easy Mode to get my Axton from OP8 to OP10 and it was very effective. Other than that it was a pretty standard build. For guns I used the Peak Opener , Swordsplosion and Intense Unkempt Harold(my Harold of choice on all characters except Sal). I also used the Pimpernel and Grog on occasion. For grenades it was Fastballs, Chain Lightnings and Quasars.

The new effervescent items did make things considerably easier. My most difficult section of any Peak run for me is the Assassins, but having 2 minute FFYL and Peak Opener really made it a non-issue.