Round 1: Battleborn vs Leagues of Legend (Fun game while we wait)

                         RATH VS MASTER YI

                         OLAF VS BOULDUR 

                         Phoebe VS Fiora 


                     Kelvin VS Lissandra 

                            BONUS EVENT
                           GHALT VS GRAVES


I play both games and thought i create this little fun arena! GO HEAD AND PLACE YOUR BETS!..while we wait for battleborn.

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Dota wins, flawless victory, fatality.

I can’t always actually contribute to threads, you know. Sometimes I have to say pointless stuff.

(PS ghalt would beat all of them because he’s ghalt. I mean he’s got that smile.)

Lol, I wish I could get into dota, maybe I should mash DOTA, LoL, HOTS and BB and create a crazy royal rumble.

…You do that and put it in the right place and people will come to your house and cut you into many small pieces.

Where’s Kleese vs Heimerdinger?
Ghalt vs Blitzcrank? (Nevermind, you’ve got Graves)
Orendi vs Veigar?
Toby vs Ziggs?
Shayne vs Annie?

Having just tried lol today while waiting for bb, I’d place Shayne vs Sivir for the minion clearing boomerangs. S+A are way more entertaining to play, as is bb for that matter. Its just not filling the gap well.

Oh gosh gee i dont know, how can i possibly choose betw~BOLDUR WINS


Toby wins them all, even if he’s not there.

GUYS PLZ! this is round 1, I can’t waste all the fun in one thread!