Round 1 Slaughtershaft in 5 minutes as Zane with a Jericho

I am on an infinite quest to prove that Zane is not weak and I finally decided to utilize the cutpurse/facepuncher interaction I found a while back.

People like the Tediore build that uses the cutpurse / facepuncher interaction, but here’s something else you can do and it works very, very well. More shields would definitely help, but this was a trial run of a concept I pieced together with random, but synergistic pieces of gear out of my vault.

If you have a good piece of gear, build around it. If you don’t think it’s a good piece of gear, build around it anyways and see what happens. If you have a strong anointment, use it.

If there is an issue with an item, like self-damage for example, see if you can mitigate it. Being powerful in BL3 seems to be a troubleshooting effort.

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