Rubber Banding - Any Plans to fix?

In every single match, bar none, I am plagued by rubber banding. It’s really starting to cause me some frustration, essentially beginning to turn me off the game completely (Read: I’ve started giving people negative feedback about Battleborn).

Are there any plans to fix this?

I’m in the UK and have high speed broadband. I experience zero issues relating to internet speed in any other game. Having read a comment elsewhere about uninstalling and reinstalling, I’ve even tied this with no success. Put simply, I don’t believe the issue is my end.

Please tell me it’s something you’re aware of, Gearbox.

Both PSN and 2K saw a large spike in reported login and connection problems at the same time (around 11 pm eastern daylight time so GMT-4). Not sure what the issue was though.

Unrelated, sadly. This issue has been ongoing from launch for me.

In the US, I had this problem repeatedly in one match. Once it turned back the clock a level on me and I had to re buy Napalm, thought I was buying an ACOG, ended up with child grenades. Bad times.

I don’t see options for regional settings they probably should have that. Maybe try putting aluminum foil on your antenna till they build a taller broadcast tower.