Rubber Cheddar Shredder!

A friend of mine gave me a Rubber Cheddar Shredder. I was going to use it on Maya, but it has on it Requires Booster Pack. I can not equip it. Can someone help me out. Thanks,

That’s part of the Super Deluxe extra content. If you don’t have the corresponding download on your game (e.g. if you just purchased the standard edition), you cannot use it.

I’ve got the Super Deluxe version, and it still says “Requires Booster Pack.”

Is the pack actually downloaded on your system? It should be a separate file from the main game install.

If you have the version that came with the packs, go roll another character, the cheddar shredder and all the other bonus items will be in the mail of that character, you can put it into the bank after that. Thereby usable across your other characters