Rubberbanding playing on PC in Coop Online

Hi. I have a problem playing on PC in Coop Online. I can play well until I enter a vehicle or an enemy appears on the screen. The lag makes it impossible for me to play, but not for my friend. Everything freezes for a couple of seconds until it reaches normal. I tried lowering the graphics but it didn’t work. Does anyone else have this problem?.

I’ve seen a few reports of this, but not a solution so far. For the vehicle, there’s a separate FoV option for that which might help a bit? There are a few general solutions that have helped those experiencing stutter and FR drops in single player which may reduce the severity of the issue. I know GBX is aware of these issues and are working on them.

Who is the host - you or them? In co-op, this seems to affect the host more than the guest.

She is the host and I suffer the lag. She can play well. And we are 20/30 minutes between us. I guess it’s a netcode problem because the game in terms of fps is more or less solid. The problem is the enemies that when they appear remain frozen (eg: 5 seconds frozen, 5 seconds well and so on) but only for me. I can hear the shots, and even they shoot me and many times they killed me.