Ruby's Wrath Buff Not Being Applied

Today, I finally finished my TVHM playthrough of the main story and now I am going back and farming for gear… I thought of trying Ruby’s Wrath since it’s recent damage buff, however, it’s showing it’s old damage numbers being 2587x7 instead of the new ~4000x7… I saw the damage numbers increased as it should when the patch went live, but now it’s showing those old numbers; and before you think I’m being dumb, I’ve made sure several times that the hotfixes have been applied…

Might just be a glitch on the card, but thought I’d mention it.


Am noticing this as well. I know hotfixes are applied because in the same run my Lob is basically obliterating everything. I think the second hotfix which buffed the Lob also accidentally reverted the Ruby’s Wrath.

I see the same thing. Sometimes it reads 5000x7 sometimes it reads 3000x7.
Mostly the latter

Anyone still having issues with this? Think I’m seeing 3500ish x7. iirc. The deceased cool down on vortex grenade is still great, and I’m still able to do plenty of damage… But… Should the damage be more?

I think I somewhat know the issue… The first time I got on today, my Ruby’s Wrath had it’s near 4000x7 damage that it should have after the buff last week… however, once I save quit and reload, it goes back to the pre-buff 2500x7 damage… Weird…

Yep same here. Varies between like 3500-4500. Yes hotfixes are applied. I have no clue what’s going on with this weapons damage anymore.