Ruby's Wrath tracker cooldown, UUUUURRRGHH

Everyone said this launcher is so great, finally found one, big ol’ mag, 7 rockets per salvo, perfect for Moze… but the tracker/vortex takes fifteen million eons to recharge. It’s unusable like this man, give me a regular Atlas launcher with good ol’ tracker darts or a simple grenade any day.

I get why they’d make the cooldown longer than a regular tracker grenade but this long? Christ.

I got one to drop from Captain Traunt on M3. Put in my rotation for revive in FFYL and used it…Man that thing was garbage on M3. I think I had a 12 round mag and shot everyone at a random M3 enemy and it didn’t take him down and died before I could res.

Immediately sold it.

Maybe it is good for other classes, but sure as hell does not work for my FL4K.

It isn’t really good for anyone, because Borderlands sends enemies at the player in waves, and they come at you more often than the tracker cooldown. So even if you used infinite tracker grenades after exiting iron bear, or used fl4k’s ammo regen on crit somehow, it’s still terrible for mobbing. You wipe out a handful of enmies, great, here’s four handfuls more.

Decent against minibosses and bosses, and that’s it.

Same, mine was even annointed with +250% damage and I couldn’t make it work.

I don’t get rocketlaunhcers in this game. They seem to do less damage then most weapons. But then again I’ve only tried on Amara. Maybe I need a Moze or something to make it worth it.

Even though heavies aren’t that much stronger than a good sniper, Moze’s ammo regen is secretly 10 times weaker with heavy ammo. Her splash damage bonuses are nice though.

Vladof big boy rockets and artilleries are pretty strong. So are normal Atlas launchers. Certain torgue sticky launchers can get pretty dumb too. COV heavies also have the numbers but terrible ammo-efficiency. Alien barrel torgues and vladofs are fun, but again, eat your ammo.
Really the only heavies you can use properly are Vladof ones and Atlas MIRV ones, and even then you need a Big Boom Blaster and a suitable grenade mod to keep your ammo up with Means of Destruction procs.