Ruiner Boss Fight

Playing as Moze at level 60 at Mayhem 2 and my next challenge is facing the Ruiner. What are the best weapons for this? For this battle I was thinking of taking a level 60 incendiary Flipper smg, level 59 Hellshock pistol (incendiary/shock) and a level 59 Asp Dahl sniper. Finally it is a toss-up between a level 60 Monocle sniper for hitting the spikes on the Ruiner or a level 60 Miscreant. What would the Community recommend? I should imagine Iron Bear would be too slow and cumbersome for this battle.

Ion cannon, fire/rad/kinetic, with 300/90

  • blast master com
    With a good build you can one shot him on m10 easily
    And hop into IB before you jump in, you’ll get stuck in the little hole, exit IB and kill him without entering the arena :laughing:

Moze utterly deletes the Ruiner though she’s the strongest on Mayhem 10. If you are using a Mind Sweeper, Fire in the Skag Den and Pull the Holy Pin, it almost doesn’t matter what you are using, though it should preferrably deal splash damage (or you’re just using Short Fuse).

Iron Bear should in theory also be able to kill the Ruiner quite easily.

My IB build wrecks ruiner on M10 with just corrosive/shock railguns. Can usually finish the fight before he dives underneath

The flipper or hellshock should be just fine. I wouldn’t even worry about the last two slots.

I used the sapper class mod and a combination of orge and flipper on my 2 kills on mayhem 10, both ended fight rather quickly with all the blast and fire damage plus the pearl

Shoot top crystals on the back. If you have a mind sweeper, equip it. You can use ironbear or not use ironbear. If you are not specced into Fire in the Skag den, you should probably do that 5/5. If you have Short fuse as well, when you load in with say, a lvl 60 m10 beacon in fire, just hit your very first shot on a green crystal on the back with a mindsweeper on and the rest should go fine.