Ruiner Fight Crashes XBOX on Mayhem 10

Ruiner will reliably crash my XBOX whenever I fight it on Mayhem 10. I will be able to get it down to about half health and then the game crashes. Sometimes the game will freeze, others I will be kicked to the XBOX home screen, and other times my XBOX will turn off; but this happens at about 50% health every time.


I’m having it crash on normal… not even M1
Not even TVH… just plain normal…
Soon as I jump back through the hole into its area the console shuts down… damn anoying

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Odd problem, never had it crash like that before, you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the dlc? Maybe something killed itself during the download process and that’s what’s causing it

Same here today with Zane.
When I played through with Moze a couple days ago, it was crashing then as well. Removed Notifications and all that as recommended by @VaultHunter101 had suggested. That got me through that playthru, but I’ve crashed three consecutive times with Zane this morning. First time, I got him down to ~50%. Last two times, I enter the arena and it crashes when the Ruiner hits the ground to send out the line eruptions.

I suspect that some of these crashes are related to gear/skills and mayhem modifiers combining to overload the graphics pipeline or spike the GPU load. Zane in particular I had problems with on original XB1 (some of my only hard game crashes) during the Cartels event which I managed to avoid by tweaking gear loadout and avoiding certain mayhem modifiers.

I don’t think there’s any guaranteed combo that just works, since there can be so much going on in the game and so many combinations possible. However, if you’re finding crashes at particularly busy times then take a close look at your current loadout and mayhem modifiers. Anything that will spawn extra objects into the game - and especially if they generate multiple elemental effects such as chains/tethers, persistent AoE pools, etc - is a likely candidate.

If you find anything which appears to reliably cause crashes, please consider filing a bug report with 2K support (link up at top of category)


@VaultHunter101 Definitely correct again. Left the M10 settings. If I triggered SNTL, the game crashed immediately. Ended up beating Ruiner without SNTL or Barrier. Cheers.


I have not had this issue with Zane , M-10, Xbox One S.
Been using the Light Show, Clone and Drone. Grenade is the one with the purple fire balls, forget the name.
Mayhem modifiers are galaxy brain, rogue lite, the element chain one, and something else.

Been having same problem everytime i take on ruiner xbox one x shuts off and takes too long to reboot so till its sorted i just wont bother trying to beat it

I’ve been having this problem, too. Been using M10 weapons with Mayhem off so I can finish the story–but the loot is useless and there’s no reason to farm him.

BUT, I’ve now seen this glitch–and I don’t feel at all guilty about using it until GBX can fix this on X1X. I can farm Ruiner without crashing because he never starts his attack.

I had the game crash on the boss myself and now it wont even load past claptrap! Does anyone have a solution for this?

Probably some corrupted data in the game’s file cache. I had that happen a while back. What I did was go into the system, Manage BL3, and delete the reserved game storage (not the game saves one, obviously). Then I did a power reset to clear the cache. That did the trick for me, at least (original XB1)

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Same here

Today is the first time since the DLC has been released I’ve really been able to sit down and play it. Finally got to the ruiner and it has now crashed my one x 4 times. I’m at the point that I’m just going to walk away from boarderlands and gearbox for good. What they’ve done to this series is shameful. All the good will they’ve earned from BL2 is long gone. At this point I’m view BL3 the same way as Mass Effect Andromeda. So much potential that’ll never be reached thanks to an incompetent studio and it’s not getting better any time soon.


Playing as Amara, M5… Crashes on BOTH my Xbox One X consoles. Both Running USB3 SSD. (Also tried on local HDD). Neither console in a tightly enclosed space. Crashes, every time without fail. Gives a heat error on reboot (console not physically warm). Is it only Xbox One X?

Seems to happen on the X and S variants - basically the 4K capable systems. Not necessarily the fight mechanic that’s doing it.

I apologize for asking for more clarification on the steps you’ve taken, but would you mind sharing? As I’ve gone back to finish each of the maps completely, I’ve decided to take on Ruiner each time, and I crash regardless of character, skill operation, M10 settings, etc.


  • Highlight BL3, hit the menu button
  • Select "Manage games & apps
  • Scroll down options to Saved data
  • Locate and highlight the Reserved space
  • Hit menu button again, select Clear reserved space

Once done, shutdown the XBox, unplug from the wall socket, press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds, then plug back in and restart

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Thank you very much! Cheers

Went through the steps.
Unfortunately, the crashing with Ruiner is just too frequent for me to try any more.
Should I put in a ticket?

Yes please.