Rules of SHIFT Invites?

When you give someone the option of gaining points for in-game items, and a cap of how many times you can do it, most would want to get as many as you can.

Now I’m wondering, is it against the rules to invite your friends and your own alternate emails? Unless you have some sort of media following, I doubt many have 25 separate friends who would be down for signing up.


For me alternate emails seems to be forbidden as you should have only one account per physical person.
Sadly, seeing the price of the reward you HAVE to invite 25 different persons.
So yeah it’s basically a Pyramid Scheme’s problem … =/ (25^0+25^1+25^2+25^3+25^4+25^5+25^6+25^7+25^8>World Population)

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This discussion was had with one of the community managers. Alt account farming is a definite nope here.