RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

Seems that a Borderlands: Remastered Edition for ‘multi platform’ is on the way if we go by this Australian rating. Presumably for PS4, X1, and maybe PC.

Hopefully it’s okay to post this here.



I wonder if they will use the current manufacturer quirks (eg Tediore Reloads and Torgue only Explosive Damage) in this. It would also be cool to see updated looks for S&S and Atlas.

Agreed, VERY interesting. Am I understanding that this will be a 2k Aus deal? If so, I hope they leave the gore deaths as an option or toggle or whatever. Also, please, please add movement to the FFYL mechanic like BL2 and BTPS.

This is quite interesting. Would you mind telling me how you stumbled upon this?

If this happens I will buy the s**t out of a PS4 just for this.

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This is pretty cool. I wonder if it’ll be on UE4?

I will buy this in a heartbeat.

Oh yeah that’s a good point, I hope they don’t mess with the gore, or at least leave it as an option. The movement in FFYL as well.

Also if this is true hopefully this means coop for pc players this time.

OK, we need a release date, even if it’s a general release date that’ll be fine! GBX, 2K & 2K Aussie?

I guess we need a Topic for this in the main Forums too! Sounds like real news right?

I also hope they don’t tweek the game’s Legendary drop rate either!!

For all we know, “remastered” could just mean the same game with better graphics. That being said, I would love to see Borderlands have a similar playstyle to TPS and BL2. We may get some revised skill trees which would be very nice indeed, and it could be the answer to “Old Gear” returning. The story of BL1 could be the same, but due to the changes they made in BL2 and TPS it could seem more lively. Perhaps it could be similar to TPS in which instead of Marcus telling the story, the three remaining original vault hunters tell it.
hopes for Atlas gear

My guess would be the same game, updated for the XB1/PS4/etc., and with all dependence on (Gamespy?) for on-line multiplayer removed. AFAIK the PS3 version of BL1 still lacks an updated on-line mode (although I’m on 360 so it’s not something I’ve been actively tracking). That would still be good, though!

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Yes, you can no longer play online on the PS3 version of BL.

Well, if this rumor is true, I hope it’ll be the same for the most parts with the manufacture bugs fixed (I.E. the Draco title actually spawning).

That said, if true, another reason to gett a PS4!

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I would be worried that if they decide to tweak it they might do too much. The leveling system was crazy. Lv50 to lv58 to lv69. Would they continue the original formula or make it a lv cap of 72? Would they rework the skill points so you continue to gain them till lv69/lv72? How would they rework the elemental damage, (x1-x4), so it lined up with TPS/BL2? I would hope that they at least add in a more complete fast travel network and an option to replay the story mode after you reach the level cap. Having S&S/Atlas come back would be outstanding. They could actually use their disappearance after BL1 to add new legendary/uniques to the gear pool. Even if none of this was fixed I would probably still buy an xbox one just to play this game.

I do not want to see the gameplay changed to mirror BL2 or TPS, if true. BL1 is a classic for a reason.
All I could wish for is sharper graphics, and fixed bugs that plague this wonderful game. And I think thats exactly what “remastered” means.

That said, this is probably the best rumor Ive ever heard.


Looking forward to it!

I agree I don’t think the gameplay has to be switched up to just match BL2 and TPS. However adjustable fov on pc would be nice, on top of what you mentioned.

When can we expect a new category in the Forums here for Borderlands Remastered?

Is there a date for an Official Announcement now that the cat is out of the bag?

One thing I hopeful that is added is voice acting.

I like being able to run away half listening to a NPC instead of walls of text

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