RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

If true, this is great news (provided that there will be a PC version). As far as changes. I would love it if t they would update the UI, replace gun proficiencies with BAR, and redo the voicework so there’s voice-actor consistency (Roland sounds way different in BL). I want no more than that.

Edit: Well… heads/skins would be cool too.

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Replace proficiencies with BAR? My gosh no. Profs in my opinion are far superior,
And Im guessing you mean replace their original voices with that of who does them in 2? Urg, no. This would destroy it for me. Roland and Mordecais voices were perfect in 1 and awful in 2.


Hey I’m also up for patching BL2/TPS with those voices, all I want is some consistency. It’s rather jarring now that I’ve gone back.

I do think BAR was better over proficiencies since they mostly prevented me from using certain guns. Especially eridian weapons which only got good once you got proficiency high enough (and that took FOREVER). It’s been a while since I played though. Only started a new playthrough earlier today.

Yeah. No BAR please! It was glitches horribly in Borderlands 2 and I doubt they ever did anything about it. I don’t want to be forced to balance my bonuses so my game doesn’t glitch and freeze nonstop until I do. Big F THAT!

I hope the remastered edition has all the dlc’s on it, otherwise I’m not buying. I mean its a remastered edition so it should right? Maybe they might add in some extra content? Possibly (although highly unlikely) they might add in extra characters? One thing I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY ------> DONT <------- want them to change is the loot. It’s perfect as it is.

I mean I don’t like the guns in BL2 which is why I didn’t play it much (I didn’t cap any of the characters despite being very hyped about it), and that is why I didn’t buy TPS.
I’ve had a go with Claptrap split screen on my sons game but the feeling is so far removed from BL1 that I just can’t play it.
Really big shame since I loved the first game so much.

Edit. Something else I’ve just though of, will existing how to etc threads still be relevant?

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At the very least i think they should at least update the navigation system. If you still play borderlands 1 like i do sometimes you will see just how terrible BL1 waypoint/compass system is compared to the minimap that replaced it. This is the biggest thing that hurts the enjoyment of BL1 after playing BL2 and TPS.

I dont think the compass was terrible, but I do like the mini map that BL2 has. Wouldnt mind that.

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BL1 didn’t do the gameplay concept of the compass-based navigation system terrible. Infact they had one of the better forms of it ever being implemented imo. However the whole compass-based navigation gameplay concept itself is actually terrible when compared to using a well done Minimap navigation system instead (like BL2 did).

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If they update the UI then i will probably buy it again too (i like the B2 way where the inventory works very visually.

Skins / heads and FOV slider would sure be nice too. In theory they can add a lot of good stuff (golden chest, mini-DLC’s and so on…)

I really hope they keep the inventory and the map the same, but it does’t really matter to me. If they add mini-DLC, i hope they are also released on Xbox 360 and PS3 also.

But i really hope they keep the BL1 look and color of the weapons instead of making them like BL2, and that they keep the weapon scaling down instead of going up into the thousands.


I feel pretty mixed about a BL1 Remaster. Mostly because a Remaster means new, “better” graphics. If a remaster were to be made, the graphics would be updated to BL2 (or beyond), like it should, but BL1’s graphics were pretty rough due to the last-minute decision to change the art style, and I honestly really liked that because it fit the dumphole that Pandora is/was. That’s why I feel mixed: a remaster should have better graphics, but I’m not sure if I actually want that.


I think BL1 will retain its original feel regardless of a graphical update. I understand your worry though. We all are probably worried it will lose its feel. I dont want it to be ruined either. Its a big part of what makes the game great. But its not like green lush wildlife will be added like in bL2 (at least I hope not). As long as the environments arent changed and kept desolate, deserted and filled with the trash we all love, I think Borderlands 1 will be just fine.


I’d like to see the bonuses class mods give to skills like you can in TPS and BL2. That and BL 2’s map improvements where you can click on an area and see what quests are available/active there.

In addition to some of the above, I’d like to see all of the “find x item” objectives marked on the map when the mission is accepted, rather than having to run back and forth across the map again and again. That was one of the things that BL2 got right.

If you’re talking about the Hidden Journal missions, I think they’re marked so you find them in chronological order.
The Scavenger missions are just that, scavenger hunts.
Everything else though? I’d be ok with that change, I guess.

As much as I want this to be as close to the original as possible (with some adjustments to make the game more accessible) I think it will just be remade with the BL2/TPS engine. I am expecting expanded skill trees, weapon generation changed, HUD overhaul and so many things that would bring it closer to BL2/TPS.
A simple remaster has a smaller target audience as only those who really loved the original game or those who completely missed it would likely be interested. Mere bug fixes or other smaller technical updates would be less interesting for those who liked BL2 more or got into the series there. The series really grew with the sequel’s success and aiming to please the bigger audience is a wiser move in the long run.
I would gladly be proven wrong here but I am not keeping my hopes up. Of course, it could also be just a polished port (bundle even) for current gen consoles which would make more sense but again, target audience.

I will be greatly disappointed if this is the case and they change a bunch of stuff that dosnt need changing to bring its gameplay closer to TPS and BL2.

I really hope it is as been said. Just a remaster and not a remake. Do not want a remake.


I do hope you are right. As I don’t own a current gen console I am not expecting too much (but I would really want to use the PS4’s Remote Play to enjoy it on the Vita, even if it is limited to the house with my rather bad upload speed) so I won’t be disappointed after all.

I wonder if the decision to do a remaster on next gen was taken because ps3 can’t play online anymore?