RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

IIRC he only said there’s a possibility not guarantee of it happening.
Really hope some revamp for BL1 is in the works (graphical patch or a “Borderlands Remastered Edition” specifically)

Yep. It all depends on THC sales.

~buys 4 dozen copies on STEAM~

shut up and take my money GBX and make a remake BL1 please


I somehow feel that they’d remake the first game, using the same engine from Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel…okay, that’s what I’d prefer rather than what I think they’d actually do

I know, he said if they had good sales of the Handsome Jack collection then they’d bring over BL1 to next gen. Which it has.
Just hope that the backwards undate doesn’t qualify as what he meant as I was really looking forward to a replayable 2.5.
Also hope micro soft include the dlcs.

So you’d rather they take away everything that makes bl1 unique, but it still wouldn’t have the stuff that made Bl2/TPS good, instead of perfectly recreating the game we love with better graphics and maybe big fixes?

I’d like some less awkward first person animations and small issue fixes, with better graphics of course, and all of the PC settings they added in Borderlands 2 that made configuring and playing the game a dream.

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I didn’t realize gearbox had moved to colorado.

I’d take it as it is with a linux port.


I think we might have a slight issue here

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What you’re not used to a developer going back on their word?

What a disapointment. Gearbox made plenty of money to justify a remaster.

I bought a couple of copies of the Handsome Jack collection for my sons.
Was thinking of getting Battle born, not now though.

Pretty much. I don’t feel like I want to get battleborn or borderlands 3 anymore. I don’t enjoy the whole bait and switch method used by corps.

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Surely leaves sour taste or am I just being salty lol.


What a bummer! BL1 is such a nice game. :frowning:

back to MGSthePP :slight_smile:

maybe extra characters will be added ? if not I hope for improved customization with skins and heads :slight_smile:

I’d definetly buy the remastered version, for the game have so many things that can be improved.
Ability to reset story progress on main and dlcs, adding chance to get pearlescents outside of Knoxx dlc, making King Wee Wee, Ajax and Typhoon into respawnable bosses, fixing titles and rarities for Draco, Peneterator and Plague. All that alone would be enough for me, even without any other additions and improvements. But I know that the game would have to receive updated graphics, which would be even better. Borderlands Remastered Edition might as well turn out into my favourite SP game.


if it comes with a minimap, i’ll buy it first day

I have at a minimum six people sayin, port the thing. These are all folks jumping to ps4 from xbox or ps3. Just a thought.

I’ve been checking religiously for any kind of update for a remaster, I was beyond angry to find out I couldn’t use my already paid for PS store games on my PS4 and not playing Borderlands 1 is simply not an option. I even traded my ps4 to my bro for his ps3 for a bit so I could enjoy a fun game again. Pitchford has really bummed me out on that comment. While it’s not a difinitive announcement, it’s enough to break my sad little heart.

Here’s to waiting for the FF7 remaster…hopefully that doesn’t get ruined…