RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

(Dave3d) #222

Same here.
The no fov bug, the scaling bug, the kb/mouse rebinding, and a graphics overhaul, with NO messing with the gameplay at all. I would buy that in a heartbeat. If they ADDED stuff to the gameplay, like BL2 and TPS features, NOPE, I wouldnt even touch it. I wouldnt even play it if someone GAVE it to me for free.

BL2 was in-between BL1 and TPS in terms of good/bad game play.
BL2 included much more of what I DIDNT like about BL1, but was still a fun game, despite it.
TPS was just SO bad. They made MORE bad decisions after other bad decisions after more bad decisions! They did what BL2 did, but x 1 billion !

I would insta-buy another BL1.

(Matīss Lociks) #223

Maybe remastering BL1 would be a small useful step for Gearbox to get back to basics of BL franchize before starting to work on BL3. But of course that might be just my delusional wishful thinking.

(jbauros) #224

Why won’t gearbox say one way or another if bl 1will be remastered and released?

(Matīss Lociks) #225

I guess just an idea and possibility which haven’t come down to a decision yet.

(Jan S.) #226

There are probably some people against the idea inside GBX. They have BL3 in the works, probably new Duke Nukem and Brothers in Arms. If they will somehow need more money and/or Borderlands 3 will take longer to polish, they can always release it to make fanbase happy.

(Matīss Lociks) #227

Btw since the next BL is going to feature many planets and Vaults, doesn’t it mean that it wouldn’t take that much effort to include quests for the old Vaults we’ve already visited? I mean if the game will be optimized for this kind of setting then it might as well be that we’ll get that.

That aside, the reason why I want BL1 remastered is loot and weapons, not story and quests. It’s mainly because BL2 loot system is gimmick based, which cripples variety, while pearls as the ultimate equipment to play game for were so damn underwhelming that they appearently can’t be fixed.

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(How much time do we have?) #228

I don’t blame them for keeping their options open on this, but I’m honestly not expecting it to happen.

I’m fairly certain the XB1 backwards compatibility option made them rethink the idea a bit from the first vague mention that it was being considered. Doing BL2/TPS made a lot of sense because of the popularity of one and the release of the other so close to XB1/PS4 launch, plus both games use the same internal engine. BL1 would be a lot more work from the get-go, so it’s a very different calculation.

(Vegetano1) #229

Hopefully they will add a Planet Called “Borderlands 1 the original remastered” XD (kinda like the mini games in wolfenstein)

(← this is not my name) #230

All BL games use unreal engine 3. I don’t see this being a huge issue to bring BL to current gen consoles like they did with 2 and TPS.