RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

(HeyCarNut) #21

Anyone can search the site - public…

(Nick Infidel) #22

All they need to change is bugs, maybe add auto pick up for ammo and money, tighten up the shooting (sniping was weird, maybe it was just me) and resettable playthrough.

(Enemy of Thunder) #23

No, because it’s still a rumour at this point

(Killing Floor 2) #24

I completely agree. It’s no longer Borderlands 1 if they alter gameplay.

I’m very curious about any improvements for the PC, the only thing I can think of would be a FOV slider so I didn’t have to edit the ini files. The game textures were high enough and still high enough resolution for any modern game.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #25

Its stated as remaster, not as remake, so its just borderlands in full-HD. That means no altered gameplay, no changes at all. But a better sniper-handling would be cool.

(?) #26

This is really all I want.

(Meenoid) #27

And maybe an ingame FOV slider.


Also hope they make us run faster or slow down the running animation. It looks like you are running in slow motion or holding the Bane.

( The Dogs Bollocks) #29

I’m all for a replayable upgraded Borderlands but I won’t be getting it if they mess with the weapons.
Other features I can deal with like skill tree if they update that type of thing.
That’s why I didn’t play BL2 much and didn’t buy BL:TPS.

(Matrixneo42) #30

That’s very interesting. Many people complain about TPS because it shares many guns from BL2. Yet you appear to be the opposite. Or do you simply mean the weapon system in general?

(Jessica Noire) #31

I too would like to see it unchanged from the original with some technical updates but also a third playthrough. That one doesn’t have to change anything with the original two, just a special third one for those who thought the original game was too easy. It’s just something I’d like to see, nothing I have to see.

Underdome tho…

(Qmark) #32

Getting the over-leveled gun gimmick to actually work this time would be pretty neat

(Pajama Dad) #33

Fully customizable controls is all i need.

But i wouldn’t mind an integrated compilation with normalized damage and xp rewards where every character/weapon/other-gear was made playable across all three games.


One of my minor gripes with Borderlands was that Mordecai’s Gunslinger mod had points in Loaded (which is for sniper rifles) instead of Hair Trigger (which is for repeaters and revolvers). I’m guessing that if this was unintentional, I hope they do fix it in this edition. Again, though, this is just a minor gripe of mine.

(Ryoushinteki) #35

C’mon. Gearbox, release an official statement with some photos!!!

(Qmark) #36

Yes, please.
Continuity be damned.

(Is this thing on?) #37

Now I think about it, adding the colour-blind mode into BL1 would be a pretty cool move, too!


If true, this is great news (provided that there will be a PC version). As far as changes. I would love it if t they would update the UI, replace gun proficiencies with BAR, and redo the voicework so there’s voice-actor consistency (Roland sounds way different in BL). I want no more than that.

Edit: Well… heads/skins would be cool too.

(Watcher on the wall) #39

Replace proficiencies with BAR? My gosh no. Profs in my opinion are far superior,
And Im guessing you mean replace their original voices with that of who does them in 2? Urg, no. This would destroy it for me. Roland and Mordecais voices were perfect in 1 and awful in 2.


Hey I’m also up for patching BL2/TPS with those voices, all I want is some consistency. It’s rather jarring now that I’ve gone back.

I do think BAR was better over proficiencies since they mostly prevented me from using certain guns. Especially eridian weapons which only got good once you got proficiency high enough (and that took FOREVER). It’s been a while since I played though. Only started a new playthrough earlier today.