RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?

Just removing the stuttering and save-denial a missing Gamespy causes would make me happy enough.

What would be really really awesome, would be cross-gen play for the remakes.

I actually don’t think that’s possible with the way that the last-gen versions of the games work, but I don’t really know for sure. Basically what I’m saying is this: Don’t get your hopes up for that.

They’d only have to make one version of the game then.
Just click on which system you’re playing on.

We already know that cross-platform play (between PS3 and PC anyway) can work, thanks to Portal 2.

It depends on the capabilities of the engine, though. I’d guess that Portal 2 has the same exact assets for all of the versions of the games, allowing the cross platform play to be possible. But, Unreal Engine is 100% different from Source Engine, and content needs to specifically cooked for console ports of an Unreal Engine game, which is why I believe that it’s unlikely to happen, even between specifically PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want to see it happen, though.

In the end though, the netcode just needs to be “dude is here, and did this”.

Yes, it’s likely to be unworkable because reasons. I just want PS3 BL1 to let me freakin’ save/quit.

Play BL1 offline (not sighned in to PSN) and you can save & quit.

Kind of off-topic but I didnt know where else to ask:

Since if you dont have the latest patch for a game, you cant playonline (as to avoid joining with someone who’s game is different to yours) but what happens if a non-updated person plays a LAN game with a updated person.

I played through Bl1 recently with a friend and we had to do it LAN because of obviously ps3 related stuff, and I wondered what would happen (we couldnt test it, because we were both fully updated).

Would it crash? Or would it work fine until there was a difference?

If I played LAN with someone who had never downloaded an update, and showed him my Pearls, would the universe explode? Or is there safeguards that prevent people from joining mis-matched versions from playing together (even though in 99% of cases the “offline until patched” thing means its a non-issue)

Is this the type of thinking GBX needs?

pls hire me Randy. With my expertise we could prevent at least one crash from someone testing if it causes a crash.

On PC, Borderlands 2 once gave me a strange error over LAN, telling me who I was trying to play with didn’t have the same patch, so I couldn’t join his game. We had the same exact content and patch, which made it very strange. The quick fix was to just copy my content over his. So, Borderlands probably does the same thing. I know that Unreal Engine by default will avoid connecting to games where people have different actors contained in their files, but not maps, models, animations, etc. Just actors. I think it even counts as different if the actors have been modified with different properties.

I have a feeling they’ll release BL3 on the next unreal engine (5) and release the remastered BL1 with the same reworked awesomeness. Now that would be worth waiting for!

Doubtful, it will likely be on UE4. UE4 was officially released about 8 years after UE3

Wow had no idea there was that much of a gap. In that case, I wish they’d get the finger out and give the people what they want! #IRLANARCHY!

To be fair, UE2 to UE3 was 3 years IIRC

UE3 evolved ridiculously over the years, though. Not quite the same engine between the oldest version to the very newest, unlike how the earlier Unreal Engines were.

my 360 just went tits-up,so this just got real!!!so pleeeeeeeeeeeease do this.

Problems I have with Borderlands 1 and I would like to see changed in the possible remastered edition:

  • Boring skill trees, could be made better (in my opinion) just by shuffling around some of the skills and changing some skills and how much points they cost.

  • HUD map navigation, having to go into the menu to search on the map is a pain.

  • When you boot up the game you cant skip the intro “thingy” where it says something like “GEARBOX SOFTWARE” or “NVIDIA”

Thats pretty much it.

EDIT: Been playing borderlands 1 a lot lately and there are a lot of problems, for example not being able to fast travel to a lot of areas (Especially in the DLC’s).

also the HUD is worse then I initially realised, seeing how many grenades you have is difficult, if I were gearbox I would scrap the original HUD entirely and just borderlands 2-ify it.

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I actually meant to post this here rather than the other thread…

As per yesterday, Mr. Pitchford is still on the “I hope” train about Borderlands 1.
Said if not a remaster, he’d at least like a port.

Id be fine with just a port. Just gimme!


As long as the fix my gripes with the loot, I can settle with just a port.

I may have missed it, but what are your gripes with the loot?

Here’s my original post about it.