(rumor) no more splash damage to his over charged shot

so after nerfing his ult and defense into the ground they are going to take away any lane clearing ability he has . . . good thing I already mastered him or I would be more p-ssed off
good luck to those who still have to master him …

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They’re also giving ward strength back. It appears they slowly changed him from tanky DPS to damaging tank.

About time too. Assuming he does lose damage and AOE on the charge shot, and gains ward strength, he’ll finally be the tank he’s advertised as instead of this monster ranged DPS who also can absorb a good deal of damage.


I’m honestly fine with this it’ll make isic an actual tank finally instead of a dps monstrosity

If they do end up decreasing his over charged shot damage and remove its aoe, that would be a terrible mistake. Not only will he will not be able to lane clear but because of that it will just make it a pain to get him leveled up. All they need to do is buff his rotating wards a bit and maybe a bit more health, that’s it, nothing more, he will never need to be touched again.

Question. Why does he HAVE to be able to clear lanes? Not every hero clears lanes well. Why ISIC, a ranged sniper tank ?

He doesn’t have to, I’m just saying that it was a really good way to get him leveled up fairly quickly. And now if they end up removing splash damage etc. It’s gonna be more of a chore to get him leveled up.

I do kinda agree with codarick on the charge cannon thing. I get that ISICs damage is pretty strong and what not but a huge target like that won’t be able to stay in lane long enough to adequately get experience from minions in order to level up. Even with a buff to his wards you will still have to put in a lot of work as ISIC just to level up. Probably more so than any character