Rumor time: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

BL2 new DLC connecting with BL3?


I’m all for it, man. I hope we’ll see all the vault hunters together a bit (including Athena).


I’m all for new DLC for BL2. If it sets the stage for BL3 then bonus. Bonus further if this rebalances endgame and scaling and brings over cryo element and the not dead playable characters from TPS to pandora.


…sounds like a leak, no? :confused:

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So excited for this.! My money is on some sort of either arena or some sort of re-playable game mode to keep the community playing until 3 is out. Doubtful on any re-balancing, new elements, or new vault hunters. But I am sure the rainbow rarity will tie into this somehow.

Maybe we get to find out some sort of fate for the vault hunters not identified in BL3 yet. I am looking at you, Axton, Gaige, Sal, and Krieg


Raids Please!


If this is true I hope it is accessible on PS3. :crossed_fingers:


Really? More dlc for BL2? :unamused: This is starting to look like when Kiss and Black Sabbath announced their farewell tours back in 1995, and someone realized… Hey, we can cash in a lot of money on this if we milk this cow til it’s bone dry.

I don’t see why it’s necessary to release a dlc to tie in to BL3. Why not do it in BL3 instead? If this rumour turns out to be true, when will this dlc be released? In a few weeks… A month before BL3 is released… or perhaps at the same time as BL3 is released. An early release will most likely spoil things that you’d prefered to experience in BL3, and a late release will most likely be ignored, because… Hey, BL3 is here, and I prefer that over some lame dlc for a seven year old game.

There’s a time and place for everything. If you want your dad to give you some money, you ask him while he’s still alive. You don’t wait until the funeral, and your dad is in the coffin, to turn his pockets inside out to see if maybe there’s a penny in one of them.

If they REALLY wanted to do something to tie things in to BL3, then they could have easily done that with an extended pre-relesae trailer. I sure as hell don’t like this!


Fair point, I suppose the argument is that the BL2 dlc can be finished to a playable state sooner. And if the story involves the BL2 vault hunters, it’s convenient to make it in BL2, rather than port them over to 3.

This way we get to actually play it ourselves. I think it’s subjective which one you prefer.

You are right, it does have that cashgrab stank a bit, but we’ll see how much it costs.

There is an apparent time lapse from the end of vanilla BL2 and start of BL3 that spans years. So a DLC of sorts setting the stage for BL3 would probably work better. There was also apparently a bit of negative feedback from fans when BL2 launched because of the whole event of new haven falling which resulted in roland and the crimson raiders taking refuge in sanctuary and it only being noted in a few echos and character speech despite being a rather substantial event in the game’s timeline. They may be trying to avoid this same sort of scenario with BL3 given where the story line has hinted so far from the reveals we have gotten so far.


I smell nothing but cashgrab from this. If they truly wanted people to be able to take part in the events that lead up to BL3, they’ve had plenty of time to do it. The main story of BL3, and the events in between the two games must have been carved in stone a long time ago. It was probably done by the time TPS was released.

And if they truly wanted people to be able to play this “transit”, then we shouldn’t have to pay for it at all. I know it’s just a few dollars, but it’s a matter of principles here. Releasing a dlc with content such as the one we assume, will more or less compel everyone to buy it, and thus raising the meaning of GREED to a whole new level. That’s right… GREEEEEEED! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Actually I think that might be unlikely since Battleborn was in the works. I got the impression from various interviews that there was quite a long break after the last HH pack before anyone started work on the story for BL3.


They’re on his eyes man! So much easier.

Otherwise, cash grab or attempt to fill in some story (like when did that matter??), I’ll likely be spending my cash on it as I won’t be playing BL3 this year…


Those are a lot of conclusions to make from an unconfirmed rumor.

We don’t know a price point-- bl remaster was free if you already owned the game on PC. Not everything is a cash grab. Hype train alone could pay for this in their eyes.

We don’t know the content or effort to make it. If they price it, but the content is solid, I won’t complain.

I’d agree if it was something silly like skins, but this is new content for a game i still play a lot. I won’t rush to judgement.


By the way, if it’s done well, they can have my cash. Maybe I’ll start complaining about the price when it’s clear how much it’s going to cost. But until then: Yay, another DLC!


My bet is the DLC is going to resume from this cutscene! Yes its from the Pre-Sequel, but remember there are cutscenes in this game that are flash-forwards to after BL2. The red and white guardian shows up…and my personal theory is that it asks the vault hunters to help them.

I’m sure we’ll see what happens to everybody after BL2 since I’m sure not every character will show up in BL3.


I am glad they are doing this. Whether it’s free or paid, it will still be good. I would like to know what happens to Sanctuary and the rest of the Crimson raiders after they find out about the other vaults. I know that is one of the main ideas of BL3, but it’ll be cool to do new stuff in BL2. If this is a full expansion maybe they’ll raise the level cap again and throw in another raid boss along with everything else they’ve included with other dlc’s. Hopefully Torgue will have a part in it.

Bring it! Hell yah! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

a big thanks to @Enderborn1 for the vid link. Thanks buddy! :acmaffirmative:


I’m sure there would be lots of questions due to the 7 year gap between the two games. So I’m glad to see how things changed or how things got how they were with this dlc.

The content in this alleged dlc can be anything, of course, but… Some sort of “transit material” is basically the only real option from a market point of view. When you’re about to launch your new flagship, you don’t take away focus from that by launching a dingy at the same time, unless it was important. A BL2-dlc with material that has no correlation to BL3 would be a perfectly good reason to fire the whole PR team on the spot.

Are you saying that companies devote a lot of resources to things out of the kindness of their hearts? :rofl: Maybe on Mercenary Day, but in real life… Not a chance!