Rumor time: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

No, as I said before it could be part of a marketing strategy and not plan on selling it for cash. I thought my bl remaster was a pretty clear example of precident.

I see new dlc inherantly as no more greedy than any creation of any game that has ever been sold before.

I’m not saying you are wrong, just it’s too early to hate on it for my tastes


Who said that it would have no correlation? When I said we don’t know the content, I meant we don’t know play time, rewards, new enemies, new gear…

I’m a little bemused about the negative feedback to this rumor.
Couple of things;

  • BL3 is going to be the main revenue generator for Gearbox/2k for this fiscal year. A DLC for 2 is not. Which means to me that they will not be cannibalizing the BL3 team for this, they know they can’t risk that release.
  • Clearly there is demand. If many of us were willing to shell out US$30 for a remaster of BL1, a 10 year old game, and the data shows that over 1 million people a month are still playing BL2, making a DLC for 2 certainly makes business sense.
  • Re-engaging past players. While many of us here are rabid gamers and will play an older game for years and years, there are certainly many players who put BL2 away a number of years ago, they felt done with the game. This is a chance to bring them back prior to BL3’s launch. We do have to keep in mind that someone who played BL2 as a teen is in their 20s now, and (hopefully) has a job and relationship that are taking their interest off gaming. Bringing them back to something they loved is nice.
  • With the new 4k graphics in BL2, a DLC that has been crafted from the outset to be 4k will certainly be beautiful
  • Bridging story lines certainly helps my sense of Borderlands Lore. I do pay attention to that, and retcons or missing pieces do nag at me, so seeing the battle would be good.
  • Um, more content! New things to shoot! Maybe a new legendary or two! A new boss to attack!

All in all this feels to me very positive. And obviously I’d buy it.


I totally agree that conceptually this is a win win. My trepidation is in the execution. Video games as an industry have stepped on a lot of rakes lately…


This 100%, especially if the DLC is really good. That would push the normal 6 month wait even further for B-3 for me.

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Happens, yes. I’m still grumpy about the implementation of Elder Scrolls on-line driving me away from that franchise I had enjoyed for 3 games.
Though on the plus side, my dissatisfaction with ESO actually drove me to finding and buying the Handsome Collection, and that’s A Good Thing.

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You know what how when you beat a DLC you would get a new head? What if you get the heads of what the characters look like in the new game? Since they talk about “We don’t talk about sanctuary 2.” If there are dead vaulthunters they just have a tombstone or something.:rofl:

Playstation announced that one of the “free” ps plus games for June is The Handsome Collection. I thought that the new dlc would be free considering that THC has all previous dlcs, why would they charge for another? But if playstation is releasing THC for free, would they charge us for the new dlc? I think both playstation and gearbox want people to jump on the (pain) train and buy Bl3.

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With most of these things, the contents for a particular edition are fixed when it is released, and don’t tend to change over time. So I would not assume that any new DLC is included automatically with the existing package. There is also no OFFICIAL word from Gearbox on any new DLC, only the unofficial ‘leak’ to a game news site linked in the OP.

Even if this isn’t covered by the season pass or isn’t a free DLC, I’m buying this 100%. (Well, if it’s actually a real thing that is… BUT all evidence points to it being a reality.)

BL2 is one of my all-time favorite games of all genres of all freakin’ decades, and the chance to have a little more BL2 content in my life is a good thing, always.

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I’m all for this! I can understand the greed argument but don’t agree with it. I see it as a company getting paid for a product they’ve produced. Plus more BL2 is a win in my book, not that I’ve put it down yet!


I don’t get the “greed” comments. Aren’t businesses in business to make money? If they make content that I want to buy, then I’m happy to help them be profitable. If they don’t make good content, they won’t make money from me.


@Ronnie_Rayburn 's argument that it could have been a prologue in BL3 is fairly valid. If I want to, I can spin it like this:

  • Some devs were working on a prologue for BL3, that would show the Fight for Sanctuary, then end with a “5 years later…” card
  • During early concept phase, some suits smelled money in the air and cut this part out of the game, to be sold separately as DLC (that it’s a DLC for BL2 is an incidental detail, the story still ties it to BL3)
  • The same game that we would have got for $60, is now sold for $60 plus whatever the DLC costs
  • Meanwhile these same suits spout platitudes along the lines of: “BuT GaMes aRe mOre anD MorE eXpenSive to MaKe, yeT wE DoN’t rAiSe pRiCEs!” It’s hard not to be jaded after a while, to say the least.

I mean, obviously there’s counterarguments to this (the main for me being that the devs would have to either port over the BL2 vault hunters to be playable, or somehow finagle the BL3 vault hunters into this story), I just thought I’d explain the other point of view.

Remember the controversy of day 1 DLCs (one of the Arkham games iirc), or on-disk DLCs? (Dragon Age). It’s kind of like that. What’s funny is that even though those were pretty big controversies, publishers still did them afterwards, maybe hiding behind the “it’s just cosmetics” thing, or some other argument (“businesses exist to make money” being a popular choice, as it happens). Kept on doing them until people got bored of complaining, and now, cutting up a game and slapping extra price tags on the pieces is… normal.

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Graphics and game engines are things that are rapidly growing and evolving. Games take more time and look more realistic than in the past. A price of a game SHOULD go up (I’m aware this argument can get very deep very fast, this is just my two cents). Though I agree that we should be getting just as much game as we used to…but normally that issue stems from the publishers pushing deadlines, not the developers.

Gearbox made a great game and now they’re capitalizing on it. What’s wrong with that? They’ve continued to be intuitive toward maximizing the money they make by releasing VR versions of games, remastering games, putting all the games together in a single package, etc. As a consumer, that doesn’t mean that anyone is going to buy all of these things (and heck, we got so much for FREE this year from them at this point BL3 is pretty much icing on the cake). I never bought the handsome collection because I didn’t need it. I play on PC for one, so I didn’t have a need to play on “next gen” consoles…but I already had all the DLC anyways. I’m not mad that they made the handsome collection though, like i said, good on them for capitalizing on a great product. There are people out there that thought the value of the collection was worth buying, and so they did.

On top of all this we don’t even know if this DLC is going to be something we even have to pay for or not.

Gearbox has continued to do behind the scenes hard work to surprise us with SO MUCH this year…yet we’re going to complain? Boo-hoo they are making a DLC for an old game instead of adding it to the new game! They made a conscious decision to do this, they saw the value in it. If you don’t want it, then don’t play it!

Be grateful that in this industry we have a developer that listens to it’s audience and goes over the top to blow our minds with extra content, remasters, VR editions, etc. We have it good, guys. Let’s be appreciative.


I cannot imagine being upset that one of my favorite games of all time is coming out with new content. How is that a bad thing, as long as the content is of solid quality? No one is forced to buy it, but I think it is wonderful that Gearbox is so dedicated to this game 7 years later that they are (possibly) going to release even more stuff for us to do.

I don’t get the “greed” comments. Aren’t businesses in business to make money? If they make content that I want to buy, then I’m happy to help them be profitable. If they don’t make good content, they won’t make money from me.

Agreed. I could see being upset if say, they just release a miniscule hour and a half long prologue DLC that could have easily been in BL3 and charge $15 for it. But if the content is good and it adds legitimate activities to the game (I have heard rumors of a potential hoard mode?), I don’t see how that makes it a “cash grab”. If the content is good why wouldn’t they deserve to be paid?


I think any content for Borderlands is welcome.


While there may be some truth to this, the problem isn’t necessarily the price going up, it’s the way they do it. Like I said:

I’m aware gearbox themselves may not have said this, it’s more something the industry in general has tried to make us believe. And that’s the annoying part, the BS marketing-speak, the deception and taking us for idiots. (See also: “We want to give our players options.”)

Most of the profits go to bosses and shareholders who are already obscenely rich. At some point (we can argue all day where exactly that point is), it’s fair to call certain practices greed.

  • However, I don’t know specific details about Gearbox’s financials, obviously.
  • Also however, “certain practices” requires a lot of clarification. The situation I laid out in my earlier post would obviously stink, but that’s just a pessimistic guess. A DLC that was always meant to be an add-on for BL2 is much harder to argue with, for instance.

I think I should clarify I’m mostly playing devil’s advocate here. I am also happy that they are making more content, and am happy to pay a fair price for that content, if it’s good.


I was told by my contact that he couldn’t talk about it. He also reiterated me and my wife visiting him so we could take a tour and sign an NDA. Take that as you will.


I’ll bet it’s free…

…if you preorder BL3.

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hoping it is true… at least we don’t have to wait for 2yr like GOTY