Run over 10 bandits... riiiiight

did you make this quest because you hate people???

running over somebody doesn’t do much damage… trying to run over a bandit will most likely have your vehicle blown up or frozen (and then blown up), hardly any bandits running around in the open…

there’s A LOT going wrong with this quest… took me 30 minuits to get 2 friggin kills… and countless times i had to run to a CaR to respawn my vehicle…

its easier with the front shredder mod


Make a tactical with spiked wheels and front shredder and it’s a breeze. With enough speed, bandit without shield die in one hit, bandit with shield die in two.


This. It was annoying me when I was using my other vehicle till I realized I could equip a technical with ramming wheels and front thing. Went from hitting them for 15k to hitting 300k+

both the grill and tires :wink: still need to bring them close to death…

buuuuut that’s impossible because either my vehicle explodes or it gets frozen (and then explodes)

vehicle combat was allways broken and don’t get why anybody would think it would a great idea to do this kind of ■■■■… (copy paste one of the first “quests” you do in this game much… but that time you just had to hit the damn things and it counted)

it worked for me
but i had to flee and recover my car a few times

i gave up… ■■■■ that quest :sweat_smile:

they kept freezing the vehicle (and blowing my ■■■■ up) :rage:

It might be due to being on Normal mode or low mayhem. The vehicle scales now to either tvhm or mayhem cant’ remember which and the health scales to ridiculous amounts. I did it on TVHM MH4 and didn’t come anywhere close to losing my vehicle.

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the freeze is what’s making this impossible…

i just don’t get why! vehicles where broken from the getgo… and with the latest “fix” vehicles are still a piece of ■■■■…

cus the game would be too easy xD

it allready is :rofl:

throwing a “near impossible due to crap development quest” isn’t going to fix that :smiley:

creating anointments made this game too easy :rofl:

Its alot easier to just weaken the bandits with vehicle gun damage before running them over.


I turned mayhem off just for that 10 bandits part. Put the ram grill on the bigger truck and they died pretty much with one ram! Then put M4 back on and finished the quest. :smiley:

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I started out with a cyclone- normal wheel, no front shredder. Realized after 4 of them jumped out of the way that this would probably be easier with literally any other vehicle.

Kept using the cyclone outta spite.

Finished with the cyclone after about 15-20 minutes of herding each individual bandit into the wall and ramming into them over and over.

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I like the Technical idea. Will need to look into that further.
I just used my Outrunner. Have done it twice on M3.
I use the gun and rocket to soften them up and finish the job with the vehicle.
As far as the vehicle being “frozen”, it’s only one bandit doing it. Identify them and blow them away with weapons. Plenty of other bandits to run over.

First thing I did was switch to that. Lol.

You can also soften them up with bullets/explosives before you ram them.

just tried doing that… now it won’t even count the damn kills :rage: :triumph:

seriously GB ■■■■ THIS ■■■■!

Just completed on M8. You only need to finish the bandits off with your vehicle. I used OPQ to remove shields and lower health, then hopped back into the Technical for the kill. Works really well if they are frozen.