Runes of power negate picking up the axe?

So I’m quickly becoming a huge Boldur fan, and honestly feel like he is one of my best characters. After several matches I noticed that after using runes of power, when you throw the axe it disappears, presumably because of the explosion. However, there are several helix options revolving around picking up the axe. This in turn means that you have to either never choose these helix options, or never use your ultimate. Is this actually intended? Because if so it feels incredibly restrictive.

Hello, Fellow Boldur, I am also Boldur.

Boldur does not need to retrieve his axe, so just avoid those weak little girly helix options and go with manly, Boldur Approved, Exploding Axe options. You will find much more killing to be had…

Like this:

And this:

And this:

And of course this:

Stick with Explod-y axe, other Boldur friend fellow.


In PvE… once you have the ultimate unlocked (Runes), use it and wait for it to cooldown again before throwing the axe, as soon as you throw axe hit your ultimate again, the axe will be instantly back in your hand and already have Runes on it. I hardly ever throw the axe unless my ultimate is ready to use, though desperate times warrant it.


So get ult, use it. Wait for ult to come off cooldown. Once off cooldown, throw axe; Hit ult after throwing axe and I should have it back with runes on it?


Boldur’s ult not only brings your axe back, it puts runes on it.
All because BOLDUR IS MAGIC!


Correct, that’s how I play him, but keep in mind I play mostly Story mode.
Below is the Helix use I use, while cutting & pasting all of this, I could see you might want to select the complete opposite for most these choice if your playing mostly PvP… a lot of stun and slow options that just aren’t very useful for a Tank in Story mode, major enemies and bosses are immune to it.

Level 1
Using Boldurdash generates an Overshield on Boldur for a brief period. +225 Overshield for 8 seconds

Level 2
Aegis of Anger
Activating Boldurdash immediately activates Rage.

Level 3
Deft Defense
Increases the speed with which Boldur raises his shield to block incoming damage.

Level 4
Hatchet Man
Enemies hit with Axe Toss suffer bleed damage. +48 Damage over 4 seconds

Level 5
Berserker Rage
When Rage is active, Boldur’s health regeneration rate increases. +7 Health Regeneration per second

Level 6
Deadlier Dash
Increases Boldurdash damage.

Level 7
Natural Enhancment
Boldur’s health regeneration rate is increased. +7 Health Regeneration per second

Level 8
Reduces Boldurdash cooldown time. -20% Cooldown

Level 9
Axe Toss Cooldown
Retrieving Boldur’s axe reduces Axe Toss’s cooldown. -20% Cooldown on pickup

Level 10
Axe Mastery
Activating Runes of Power will always power up Boldur’s axe.