Running behind forcefields

ive been in a few matches where the other team runs back behind their forcefield walls when being chased. please stop this from happening in capture.

Well you don’t need to capture a point at their force field, which are there to stop people spawn camping.


This. If they go behind the forcefield, you have won that encounter. Go capture some objectives.

The point of capture is to CAPTURE the points, Killing is secondary

all points were captured. i wanted ambra kills for these stupid lore challenges. the chicken ■■■■ kept running behind the wall before i could.

Not sure who you’re needing the Ambra kills for, but if it’s Galilea, then you’re not playing galilea right. You can still pull them from the other side of the force field. More than enough time to finish off most players late-game.

It’s as if they didn’t know they only exist for your personal entertainment.

Seemed like the easiest way to link to a video of me pulling from behind portals.

cant pull if they run right back into the ship… sigh… the ships like 50 feet from the wall on temple. at least on outback they cant get back up the ledge without double jump

Life can be hard sometimes, I know.

The maps are balanced for the game modes. The lore challenges are extra fun but not actually an objective in that gametype. The idea of Capture is to gain map control not to complete lore challenges.

If they do this, then they should remove heal stations and the ability to teleport. /s

But seriously, it is there to allow for you to get out of encounters that you feel that you can’t win.

If you are having trouble with Ambra kills with Gal, get a friend to body block. I helped my brother by doing this. Really nice if you have a Melka with slow spikes. The spike will drop her OS and slow her enough to allow you to finish her off.

I guess I haven’t ran into those players that realize they can be pulled. Most times people sit just on the other side of the force-field and taunt/do whatever.