Runs great on my pc, this is my feedback on gameplay and UI

system: gtx1080ti, i5 3570k, 16gb, 2560x1440.

Played Up until you meet Lilith and leave the first area. No issues at all with the game technically speaking.

The UI, especially the skill point screen and tutorial. When choosing Fl4ks point its not clear how to apply the Pet type, I only got past it because i clicked every single thing on the screen.

Inventory management: when swapping weapons the item in the equipped slot doesn’t always update to the changed item.

edit: first lockup on the side mission to get parts for claptrap. game froze entirely when i reached a waypoint.

I’ll update more once i’ve got more time into it.

2nd edit: 9hrs in and after rebooting when it locked up it hasnt crashed again.
that inventory screen needs some polishing but its workable.

Possible bug with the Target of Opportunity “Baron Noggin” on Meridian Metro. If you kill kim from the upper platform before the challenge is officially given to you it doesn’t count and he may never spawn again. I will test it again and reply to this thread. edit: he does respawn if you restart the game.

Another bug with the mission “porta Prison”, the waypoints dont appear after you start the mission and change to another mission or leave the map.

Glad to hear just Reading some user threads here is many issues on launch I hope Gearbox fix all it.


That inventory screen is super laggy on PC. It makes me wonder if the game is about to crash.
And the game should really have a screenshot button without going into photo mode. There’s a glitch where some text is blocking a prompt for player input when Reese(?) is asking you a question.