Runs well, surprisingly, but a few thoughts. (My feedback post-first match)

It runs well, surprisingly, on my laptop, but as I said, a few thoughts that I think would do well in consideration.

I feel it should have more graphics options other than just “Resolution Scale” and AA, as well as needs a windowed mode. I only played Dojo for a bit to configure my mouse sensitivity and then went into a ranked match and still was too sensitive. That coupled with the fact I had to lower resolution scale so I’d have constant framerate ( I said that the game ran well on my laptop, but that doesn’t mean it ran at consistent fps at first ) made it very hard to know what was going on half the time. My first ranked match ended at a 1-11 LOSS. I only managed to ever get ONE kill on my opponent and they utterly smeared me across the plant zone we had been thrown into. I’m NOT saying I didn’t have fun playing it the first time, just that I lost super super hard.

I went in thinking the game would maybe be bad ( in a way of not being together enough to be consistent in it’s own mechanics ) or not even run in worst case scenario. But I was proven wrong, the game is great, I like the ideas behind it… However, It still needs a lot of polish, and some more options for optimization aspects in the option menus that don’t make the game look like a completely blurry blob of colors.

Im certain it will have more options, this is just a test to see what people want and how people react. Its nowhere near ready to be sold as its an alpha. Not sure about FPS as with a 980ti i run 120 fps all the time but i do get weird stutters from time to time.

As for getting stomped, unfortunately if you play at a weird time, you might be playing against someone much better than you, as they are the only other person queued. This is not really something that needs to be fixed per say, just that gearbox may want to let more people in to play and even out the matches.