Rushin Offensive has been broken by the recent changes

For those unaware. With the recent changes to Moze, Rushin Offensive was reworked to now provide Moze with 8% lifesteal while sprinting along with the ability to shoot while sprinting.

This works fine at first glance, but there is one extremely important aspect of Rushin Offensive that no longer works. Moze is no longer able to start shooting her gun and then start sprinting while she is still shooting. This is a surprisingly huge nerf to Moze’s mobility.

Moze currently stops sprinting if she jumps, throws a grenade, or slides. Not a big deal if not for the fact that Moze needs to jump a lot for dodging enemy gunfire, and Moze needs to throw grenades a lot proc several of her skill affects, and Moze is commonly run with a Snowdrift artifact to compensate her low move speed. Basically the act of playing Moze how she’s almost required to be played causes Rushin Offensive to stop working.

Moze can now only hold Forward & Shoot to use the skill, and if she wants to sprint again she has to let go of the trigger.

Letting go of the trigger isn’t really something Moze likes to do in a number of her builds. She needs to keep firing for skills like Click Click to stack up, she needs to keep firing to use her Green Monster, she needs to keep firing to maintain her weapon charge with Maliwan guns and the Ion Cannon, and she needs to keep firing to maintain her spool up with chain guns.

Also the end sprint animation is bugged and makes the gun spazz out. It doesn’t affect anything, it’s just ugly. Personally this bugs me even more than all of the gameplay impacting issues.


The upkeep of sprint is so exhausting on Moze. Sprint in general is difficult to use with most weapons, and her skills even. She doesn’t have accuracy bonus granting skills, and you are relegated to hip firing while sprinting to utilize this bonus. You end up closing the distance on enemies too quickly that are also charging you and end up killing yourself to your own splash with most of the weapon’s effective on her. So you need to either limit yourself from using weapons that don’t synergize with her other skill trees, or adopt a really awkward play-style.

All vault hunters really need the ability to maintain a sprint while strafing just left or right (could of course have the sprint be at reduced speed boost while doing this). For Moze in particular, you need to run endless circles around your enemies when playing in Mayhem 10 to get much use out of Moze’s Rushing Offense skill.

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Yep Omni-directional sprint would be a godsend.

Exactly, just submitted this to the devs like a month ago. (That the animation is bugged, even created a video about it).
And yeah, the second I noticed it, it really bugs me as well, I no longer use this skill since this stupid animation bug.
Also the low gravity levels are now affected as well. When you sprint and then jump the weapon (sometimes like 5 out of 10 times) would “play” the holster animation twice.

At least with Skag Den you are causing lots of DOTs, and you can still cause a DOT, sprint, and regain health that way (at least I am pretty sure that works from having tested the skill, I am sure you Moze mains will correct me if I am off-base here). So Rushin Offensive isn’t completely useless IMO, but it is not as good as it could and should be according to the card.

And this seems like a pretty simple thing to fix. But then again, all of the bugs seem “pretty easy to fix.” Either they are not simple to fix, or they haven’t tried, I guess are the two options. I do question which applies though.

Ive always thrown nades like the cloning tracker and THEN sprinted into cover - using the blasts to heal - but it uses vampyr as well - ive never used the rushin on its own as it seems like you should be sprinting AT enemies while shooting and that seems odd. (Also impossible?)