Rushin Offensive has issues, submitted a bug report through 2K support, finally it got devs attention

So Rushin Offensive has couple of issues. They are actually deal breaker and makes RO very clunky to use.

First problem being not able to sprint while “fire” button is pressed. Second problem is whenever you are sprinting and throw a grenade she loses sprint mode. Then you have to press sprint button again. These 2 issues make RO a very hard to use skill.
So I submitted a bug report at here Borderlands 3 – 2K Support

The reply I got,

Just letting you know that the development team went through the bug and they decided to add it to a list of pending fixes! Thanks for being an awesome part of this community.
Now, is there anything else you would like to bring up?

So, hopefully this will be fixed in upcoming patch. I also urge everyone to submit bug reports (with video proof) if something is not working as intended, us making hundreds of post/comment wont benefit at all, if the guys who are suppose to fix it are oblivious to it.

Of course its the job of QA, but at least we should provide our feedback as a community, reporting bug is a step in the right direction.

Update: Even after 6 months this bug is not fixed, that’s how pathetic GB is as a dev


Oh wow, I wouldn’t have guessed that they would have taken that case. This’ll make that skill way more fun. Thanks!


Nice work! I do hope they include the grenade throw suggestion. It would be quite a character defining QoL improvement.

My 2c? I’d love to see omnidirectional sprinting.

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Yah, I also mentioned there that throwing grenade while sprinting would make RO so much better. It also makes no sense for her not to throw grenades too, grenades are her best offensive defense. Fingers crossed.


I actually thought the RO issues were intentional, since they happened right after it got buffed. :sweat_smile: Nice work.

No, the main thing that makes RO “very clunky to use” is the fact that you can’t use it sprint into every direction.

I haven’t played a game yet where I could sprint in every direction, also thats more like a feature request than fixing whats broken.


Ha, no, the clunkiness definitely comes from having to stop shooting to start running, and also from having to stop running to start throwing grenades.


Omnidirectional sprinting was quite common in many of the older FPS games and you still have it in many mecha based shooters. It’s just something many developers sacrificed on the altar of realism when for many games, from a gameplay point of view, there was really no reason to do so.

I never said it was “broken” from a technical point of view (technically neither are some of the things you described above btw.). I said “thats why its clunky to use” and “that would solve the issue”.

No, like it or not but being constantly thrown out of the running mode in general (and not just “when you want to throw a grenade”) is one of the main issues here. You can’t use it for kiting and you can only use it for strafing in a very limited way. If you want to make use of RO you have to play in a very unnatural way which is what makes it so clunky to use and that shouldn’t be the case for a skill where they put the main source of sustainment for its respective tree into.

It is actually broken from a technical point of view, because with RO you could go to sprint mode while firing weapon, but after the patch that added life steal, something broke the feature, and its not working like before.

It also seems like you are taking our comment personally. Chill, the time you wasted replying to our comment could have been spent asking for a feature request at appropriate place (if you haven’t already).

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The skill sais “Moze can sprint and shoot at the same time” so asking for grenade throws to be included in this is a feature request.

No, that’s just you.

If you read my post you would see I mentioned she loses sprint mode as soon as she throws a grenade and in the bug report I said she should not lose sprint mode, like she could be in sprint mode, stop to throw the grenade and go to sprinting without pressing sprint button again.

Good for me then.

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But having a sustained sprint mode would also be a feature request as losing your sprint mode when you do something else (e.g. throwing a grenade) is not a bug.

Thank you for posting the issue on 2k. Honestly, it seems this was a group fail by Moze community. I guess we all just assumed it was either intentionally changed or someone else had already put in the ticket. Well played. Moze gang thanks you. Pats your Ironbear on the leg


Good idea, she also loses sprint mode while ADS but I only discovered it after I submitted the bug report. (slag me)

Soldiers run towards the fight. Seems natural to me.

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I wont say RO will be perfect after this (damage reduction could be nice addition), but not able to sprint while firing is a bug, it was working before. That’s why I submitted in bug report section not feature request, because they are gonna take it seriously if I label it as bug. Devs dont like bugs, I am a dev and I hate bugs too.

And RO already works with grenade damage, you just have to sprint after throwing the grenade or you must be in sprint mode before the grenade detonates. So I thought this small QOL feature request (throw nades while sprinting) with a bug report wont hurt anyone.

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From personal experience…Soldiers NEVER run “towards” a fight… :grinning:


Same, reason why I never even thought of reporting it as a bug D;

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I also thought they were intentional. Devs seem to sap all the joy out of “happy mistakes” n say things like “the math was wrong coughyellowcakecoughcough

So I’m very happy they’ve acknowledged a mistake here. Cuz otherwise RO is completely useless in actual combat.