Russian localization of FL4K isn't correct

I just noticed that russian localizators happened to COMPLETELY ignore the FL4K’s gender and they had just replace “them” with “him” pronouns. I’m upset, and i wish if something could be done to this…
It would be cool if someone noticed :c

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But are you using “they” to indicate a single person in english and it’s normal (this is not what we are taught btw)? Anyway there is like a number of solid options - very often when you are talking with respect to a person in that case you literally just say they (“вы”, as “they”) in just so many cases, or sometimes a use of a multiple pronoun usually for non-human creature, but sometimes human too (“мы” or “we”) in all cases - that’s what I’ve been expecting from the translation, because it’s just so logical, even if not entirely perfect (persons like fl4k usually talk about themselves in single person using “I” but just adding a multiplied ending - not “я сделаЛ” or “я сделалА” but “я сделалИ”.
So I really don’t see a reason why all that could sound “inappropriate” or not right for someone from russia (they would just look and think oh a robot thing ok i get it).
There were SO many ways to do this correct AND beautifully, but people just chose not to.
I’m really, really upset. I wanted to try fl4k also, but there’s no way i can change this so i just can’t play them :’(

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I guess you’re right about being able to replace “его” with “их”, but FL4K talking about themselves in plural sounds pretty strange in russian I think, especially if you use singular “Я” together with plural “сделали”.

But I guess I haven’t really heard anyone try to speak russian in a gender neutral way before, so maybe that’s normal? And again, I haven’t heard/seen the russian localization, so I don’t know how bad or good it is

And also there’s many ways not to use pronoun-related words at all, if your vocabulary allows. So… even more ways to do the thing xD
Oh there’s nothing to see really, just male pronouns instead of neutral.
And, for real, recently when a person whom i teach English a little, asked me about a way to talk about strangers, and i said “use they, you won’t mistake”, she said “huh never seen such way”, even though she uses a number of english sites. So english use of plural to people from russia sounds pretty very strange too.

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It’s so weird when people say “I don’t see that” because they almost certainly have, they just didn’t notice.

Instagram and this website both use it for notifications. If this were my first post, the site would read “This is their first post. Let’s welcome them” or something like that. Instagram tells me “This person liked your reply to their story”. So if you ever need to point someone in the direction of examples, those work.

I’m sorry that the localization failed you on this :frowning: Fl4k is rather awesome and I hope you get the chance to play and enjoy them. Luckily, most in game dialog refers to the Vault Hunter as They anyway due to the fact that they didn’t wanna record multiple lines and figure out how to trigger them from the NPCs.

Good luck, friend <3


Thank you for your words, that’s true, I’m much more calm now :hibiscus: