Rustler Flayer vs. Rustler Quad

Hey guys, I’m just wondering which one you prefer. I’m currently using the Glitch Quad and using Bahroos Build on Jack, but I just want to see which one you guys like. Also, try to give a reason why you like one weapon over the other

I am really happy with my Flayer

Flayer is more efficient and less relying on RNG.
And yet, I stil prefer a Coach Gun/Quad (non-glitched ones).

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Yes I agree with the Flayer being more efficient, but with the Doppleganger’s skill Absolute Advantage at 88% chance to not use ammo, it really doesn’t matter lol. I just enjoy the Quad a lot more than the Flayer

Good point there.
But the thing is, while I like glitched gear, you rely on RNG to trigger that one glitch effect you want to have even more DPS.

Normal Quads are the tits though.

From a purely mathematical point of view, The Flayer is the better choice overall.

They have about the same mag size and the difference in damage is quite small.

However, the Flayer uses half the ammo and has much better accuracy.

In the flip side, the quad can benefit from glitches.

I understand that with AA, the ammo consumption is much less of an issue, but AA isn’t always active, and when it’s not, not only do you use twice the ammo to do just a bit more damage, but you spend twice as long reloading.

And then there’s the accuracy. The Flayer isn’t the most accurate shotgun out there but it’s a surgeon’s tool when compared to the blunt mallet that the Quad is.
Simply put: if you’re not shooting from point blank, the Flayer will hurt more. Jack has accuracy boosts, but they only help the Quad to get closer to the Flayer… Not match it.

If you want a clearer comparison, let’s compare a rustler’s Flayer with a normal glitched Quad.

Once you put a vertical grip on the Flayer, it’s accuracy closely matches the Quad’s
And at 17 pellets vs 18, they are very closely matched there too.

They also have the same mag size and reload speed.

But… The Flayer still uses less ammo… Half as much.

And as I’ve already mentioned plenty of times elsewhere, the rustler’s prefix is not the best for the Flayer… Not even close.

So even when you tweak the parts to make them match, the Flayer still comes out on top very clearly on several points.

You may LIKE the Quad better :smile:

But as for which is better, the Flayer is. Hands down.

(Unless of course if you have distinct mechanical advantage in using the Quad, as for Clappy’s OLT for example)

I really enjoy a Glitched Quad, because of the yellow glitch. Shooting God knows how many rounds for free, it takes IOS in half a second.

Have You PLAYED Jack?

Have you played “No-mob-density” TPS ?

You’re making a bit of an error by assuming everyone has leadership. It is one his (or the) best skills, but it is still something that people may not spec into, so assuming that it will always be on due to leadership is a bit of stretch, though not by much admittedly.