RWBY/Battleborn mashup?

Ever since I played the beta, I always thought that the Varelsi looked similar to the Grimm. Dark bodies and white heads. Anyway, I always wondered what a RWBY and Battleborn would look like. I’m am no artist by any means, so if someone wishes to draw them, that’d be really neat.

Anyway, I always thought of Penny Polendina whenever I saw Phoebe.

I always thought of Pyrrha Nikos when I saw Galilea. Both kind of fit. I’m sure there’s others but these were the two biggest ones I have always thought of.



Body is too short, be a little more descriptive.

Hey! Here’s my pyrrha/Galilea drawing, I’m no artist or anything, and I’m still learning how to draw. Hopefully you guys enjoy!


Hey, just thought I’d post another mashup. So, here’s my Penny / Phoebe!
Also, thanks everyone who liked my last post! :3
(idk if i should post any more or not, so this may be my last.)


You should post more. Question is, is there any other RWBY/Battleborn characters that make sense for a crossover? Maybe do some non RWBY crossovers?

The only thing I can think of is OM & WF/ Cap and Winter Soldier crossover.

Ive been thinking of a few more Rwby / Battleborn mashups that i might post. It might be a stretch though, but i was thinking of making a Torchwich / Marquis and a Adam / Rath mashup.

I can definitely try other crossovers in the future, like your OM and WF idea, but id like to knock these Rwby mashups out.

Btw, thanks for letting me continue to post more here though!

Hey, so here is my Adam / Rath and Torchwich / Marquis! :3
(If anyone wants to see them individually, let me know so i can re post them.)

If anyone has any other Rwby - or other - Battleborn mashups ideas that you want to see, post in the comments and I’ll see what i can do.


Ah yes, Torchwich. I had thought about him and Marquis being similar, totally spaced it in my post though. While he doesn’t use his cane in the same way as Torchwich, Ozpin is another character that I felt had similar aesthetics as Marquis.

Come to think of it, Pheobe is also similar to Weiss, as she too uses a rapier based weapon. She also fits the privileged category.

This would be hard to bridge the characters together, but if we are comparing weapons, then Coco and Montana. Maybe Montana with Coco’s sunglasses and golf cap? (Is it a golf cap)

Sorry if this is too much, but I thought I’d give some suggestions.

I’ll give the Coco idea a shot, though I’m 90% sure it might look weird, or funny. But i like the comparison. If i cant do it I’ll let you guys know.

I’ll also see about the other suggestions with Ozpin and weiss.

I’ve had another idea for a mashup, between Cinder and thorn (Since they both use a bow and magic.)
But idk, we’ll see.

I am betting on funny.

Another stretch, but Blake uses shadows of herself, which is similar to Deande’s holotwin. Don’t know how you’d be able to work the two characters together though.

Edit: Just realized that the mash-ups for Deande and Rath would then both be Faunus characters. Maybe that could be a thing in this weird mash up universe? That Jennerit are Faunus?

I’ve always imagine Cinder Fall/Ambra. And maybe El Dragon/Sun Wukong?

That there Penebe is absolutely perfect.

Hey guys, i think I’m going to drop the Montana mashup for now, Mainly because i have a better idea for it and what i got so far is lacking. (plus, he’s also hard to draw.)

Thanks for all of the support though!

I like the idea of Deande / Blake
and Ambra / Cinder, so I’ll do those next soon!

Hey, so here is the Cinder / Ambra mashup. Hope you guys enjoy! :3

(I was kinda rushing through with it because I’ve been pretty busy lately. Soo is there’s some errors with it, my bad.)


(Lol, i cant even type today.)

I forgot to mention how thankful i am for not only letting me post these over and over again, but also some of you have really liked these, which is awesome!

(I’m new to this community, but so far, it seems pretty great.)

I’m just learning how to draw, and eventually, i want to become an animator. So the recent positive feedback means a lot.
Thanks everyone.

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Hahahahah, neat. Power of the sun’s not unlike the power of the seasons, eh?

I love this thread! Personality-wise Cinder and Ambra are poles apart but that’s a great picture. The Galilea picture is my favourite so far.

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Thanks dude!

Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy lately, so i haven’t gotten the chance to post more. (Plus, i cant really come up with another RWBY mashup)
I’m willing to make any other crossovers if anyone’s got one.

Hey, if anyone is interested I’ve just made a new thread about making some regular Battleborn fan art.
Hope some of you guys come check it out!
Here’s the link.