S&A are the shield tank Isic should be

Isic always appealed to me not only because he is hands down the most hilarious character but also because he is a shield based tank, but when I played him I saw that beside his literal shield and a few helix choices he can’t really tank. I’m not complaining since he is a crazy powerhouse but I was still disappointed as I and most Isic players I witnessed played more like a sniper, and not in the fronlines. One of my balance wishes (along with a Melka melee and helix rework, Kelvin helix rework and Gali kit rework) was a more tanky and less damaging Isic. The removal of the AoE on his cannon is a step in the right direction but I would like to see some defensive buffs alongside it.

The reason I mentioned Sharoux in the title is because their post buff (and pre-buff too actually) state is a great example to what a shield tank should be, several ways to manipulate your shield through helix with over shields and instant recharge, many bonuses while the shield is active like DR or “The power of two” mutation. Good damage, not stupid-crazy amount of damage, as long as you keep your shield up and the benefits that come along with it.


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He trades his insane dps for the fact wards are bad.

Because when wards were good the character was literally unkillable.

Me too, just executed in different ways they should be (ISIC has helixes specially for his shield but with his poor health and defense what is the point)

Galilea is coming, so that’s one wish. I really feel like Mellka, Alani, and a few others need some rekitting. It’s just a few helices that are now useless because of development

Not alani, just helixes for her

Alani, and a few others need some rekitting. It’s just a few helices that are now useless

Thats… that’s what I said

I thought you meant ability rekit because of mentioning mellka and galilea (I vote mellka gets the old venom back)

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Oh, with Mellka I eighteen want a huge melee buff or just abandon it and give her better helices. And Galilea is specifically getting a helix change, along with Thorn

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Never abandon her melee just give it something, also I have an ult mutation idea, where mellka instead of the one now, has her arm keep the blade on the arm giving wound, and venomated targets suffering from the arm going crazy around them just like the lore states it does

@EdenSophia how you feel about this, you crazy mellka fangirl

Interesting. I like it

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Makes sense too, she uses it in the intro

I shall call the mutation: SYMBIOTIC RAGE (damn does that sound like a shayne and aurox thing)

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