S&A patch changes

(Geno) #1

Wanted to get a new thread started discussing the changes to our beloved snarky teen and energy detective. I’m gonna keep in order with the released patch notes for S&A

I’m happy to see they’re giving S&A a more tanky feel with the 20% DR reduction while their shield is active, I can see a lot of folks rolling more max shield/shield regen gear me being one of them.
What gear do you plan on using with the new changes?

Slow on stealth strike coming stock!? YES, PLEASE, AND THANK YOU GBX!!! having a stock slow is gonna be huge for S&A’s early game.
How do you feel about SS having a stock slow?

I never used Aura of Annoyance so for me personally the additional 69 damage is welcomed but didn’t strike any excitement for me.
Do you utilize AoA? How does that work into your playstyle instead of the overshield on fetch?

Wait for the Drop being reworked into lengthening the slow on SS. I can’t remember exactly what Grant said the length of the slow would be on the stock SS but you can’t really go wrong with having a longer slow.

Surprise Party being reworked into increasing atk speed by 15% for 5 sec on conclusion of SS. SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL EFFECT, i’ll definitely be using this on the regular with Vow of Vengeance, that initial burst of dmg from the 15% increased atk speed playing into VoV’s dmg increase is gonna work so well together.

What’s your take on the lvl 2 helix changes?

Don’t stop running lvl 5 helix duration increase from 1.5 seconds to 4 seconds. For those that choose don’t stop running how well has that worked out in your playstyle compared to the immortal aegis?

Aurox Hungers change from shield steal to life steal. I can see this change working out in the long run, popping tag team and let some boomerangs fly even while taking some dmg from minions/enemy BB and just getting that 35% portion of dmg done back as health to last that split second for Aurox to come back so you can pop fetch and keep the pain rolling.
What do you think about the change to Aurox hungers? Do you plan on giving it a try or will you stick with Aurox Beckons?

(Ambra's Arbiter) #2

It’ll fit my Modernista, recharge rate, attack speed with shield build perfectly. With the level 3 mutation and surprise party she’ll be terrifying. One note, I thought Wait for the Drop was an increased slow rather than a longer slow? I may be wrong. I most likely am wrong lol. I just can’t wait. Insta top tier

(Geno) #3

I can’t remember off the top of my head what the exact duration and level of slow it was going to be, i’ll have to watch the stream one more time.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #4

Found it! From the patch notes:
Changed the functionality of Level 2 Left Helix Augment Wait for the Drop
Intensifies the slowing effect of Stealth Strike. +100% Slow

(Geno) #5

What i’m curious about and didn’t see or hear in the patch stream video is the specific duration of the slow now that it’s stock on SS.

@Jythri @JoeKGBX Hey guys, could you verify the duration on the slow that’s coming with Stealth Strike? Is it going to be the same 3 seconds that the helix gave or will it be a reduced duration and the helix just makes it into a heavy slow?

(Influencer Guy) #6

According to Grant, it’ll be 3 seconds.

(Geno) #7

Thanks for the clarification dude!

@epicender584 well I guess that answers that, stock 3 second duration and the helix just increases the “type” of slow.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #8

Awesome, :heart:

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #9

I think they are both good, if characters are like oscar mike, whiskey, and some like ghalt, then go with surprise party, if ones like thorn, wait for the drop


I actually tended to use S&A as a tanky skirmisher that can initiate and get out quickly if need be. She is honestly a great example of a lot of CCs being given to a kit in a GOOD way (look at you galilea…). slow, stun/pull, and the vortex of her 10 helix all have great synergy.

this is the build I use for her and these are the gearpieces I run for her:

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

By level 7 I have 980 shield, 3.95 shield delay, and 229 shield recharge/sec with a chance to have my shield immediately recharge when depleted. this is going to be amazing with the +20% damage reduction while the shield is active and helps her even more.

As for her slow on stealth strike, I think her level 2 left will keep the duration the same, but make it twice as powerful, giving her one of the strongest slows in the game which is AWESOME, but the new attack speed on 2 right is also veryyyyy tempting.

I’m honestly surprised they changed anything for her as they’ve barely touched her since the game was released but these are all options i 100% agree with and think this kit tweak is perfect


Gonna try the pacifier out for sure

(Like the cereal...) #12

In the October Patch stream, Grant stated that augmenting the bonus slow would make it the strongest slow in the game. 3 seconds is going to make Shaurox even deadlier. Going to be fun playing lots of her.

(Geno) #13

That’s pretty close to what i’ve currently been using for my loadout, instead of the max shield/shards I use scheming “easy money” for the 2.10 shards and 4.20 CD time and i’ve been swapping between “smack attack” slinger/VoZF/VoV.

My build is fairly similar except I switch around my lvl 3 helix depending on the team comp i’m with, if i’m the only tank i’ll go with hulk out but if there’s another tank i’ll go with power of two or if there’s majority melee on the other team i’ll go with boomerang bounce on the sole fact that you get so many random crits with your boomerangs bouncing between enemies it plays into VoZF’s additional effect really well.

(Can't stand ya) #14

My build won’t change but it will be more powerful than ever.

Flawed white battery +140 shield
Lore legendary
Epic gauntlet +attack damage +98 shield

1000+ shield with 20% DR and 18% damage boost off power of two? Yes please.

S&A will be like a tanky phoebe, dropping auto slows out of stealth and body blocking escape.

She was already close to my favourite, now it’s gunna be hard to pick anyone else.

(Geno) #15



now that I think about it, these changes really improves the utility of expanding the AoE of stealth strike… I’ve not used aura of annoyance much, but is it also affected by the bigger radius?

(Can't stand ya) #17

Presumably yes, but I still don’t see AoA being a useful helix pick outside of PvE.

If you’re taking damage with nothing around and there’s an S&A on the other side it’s a giant neon sign saying AUROX IZ HERE.

Could be a useful helix for waveclear but I still think the overshield on fetch is a much stronger choice.

As for the radius I think I’ll be taking that option a lot more for large group slows.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #18

Yeah, it kinda ruins the stealth part of the stealth

(Geno) #19

Few more hours left to go!

(Rick) #20

What build do you run on shayne?