S & A Questions and Discussion

I’m pretty bad at being perceptive during games so here are some questions and topics for discussion.

Has anybody noticed if the percentage of shield stolen by Fetch via “What’s yours is mine” is 100% of their total shield OR 100% of the total damage to the enemy shield done by Fetch? If it’s the former, how does it interact with Overshields?

“We’ll take everything” Helix mutation; Is it supposed to NOT pull every hit target towards you all the way? I tend to hit multiple targets, yet they are just slightly nudged in my general direction rather than all pulled and piled in front of me. Not sure if that’s intended or not. How has people’s experience with this been?

Has anybody noticed the usefulness of Fleet-footed? I Really haven’t noticed it much. I find that the Passive is a waste and really REALLY wish it gets changed to something more useful OR the effects (+ duration?) increased. Also, thoughts on Fleet-Footed (as is) being active during Stealth Strike? (I’m not too sure, I think it isn’t…but I could be wrong).

Thoughts on Helix options for Level 6? I find them both underwhelming, I usually choose Shield Pen on Fetch BUT After Fetch’s damage was nerfed (no idea why), I don’t think it does enough damage (especially since it’s a 60% damage pen)

I feel that Helix Option 7 has a BUNCH of good options that are viable every game…I wish one of these options from level 7 would be switched up with one of the mediocre ones from level 6. OR “Boom goes the Boomerang” Being moved to Helix level 6 as the mutation.

“Aurox Hungers”; Does anybody prefer this over “Sic 'em, Aurox”?

Has anybody calculated more or less the basic Shield Recharge Rate and Recharge Delay for Aurox? How long does it take the shield to start recharging and how much of it per second?

Damage done by fetch. Its never worth taking.

I found it very lackluster when I tried it. Maybe they end up clipping on each other and cutting thier trips short or something. When fetch did damage it was okish, now theres not much reason to not take the stun ever. If it worked as advertised it might have a place in PvE though.

Fleet footed I find very useful, especially once you get the perk for it that almost doubles it. You can trigger it on demand, its active the entire time your shield is down, and active for the first bit of stealth. Purposely missing a fetch has saved my life far more thsn once as a retreat move.

6 is a total waste tier.

7 is better, but the boomerang damage trumps all once you get it. The others just don’t do as much, but then if I play Shayne I’ll use 500+ in meltdown and 1500+ in incursion.

I like the minion trap too much, but both are certainly viable.

No idea.

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On the topic of Fleet-footed. Shortly after posting this, I went into a PvP Incursion match and had a “Oh…so this is Fleet-footed’s potential”. I was smacking the enemy Sentry, trying to get damage in while the shields were down, but the enemy team showed up and I had to retreat. In my retreat I noticed I was freakin’ speeding out of the area at ungodly speeds, it felt really really nice.

I guess I initially dismissed it was because I don’t typically end up running away, I usually use my Stealth Strike to escape OR Fetch’s overshield to stay and finish a fight. I can see the merit of the Passive in a more “hit and run” type of playstyle which I may have to adapt in order to make use of it correctly.

Also; damn, no wonder I always found the 100% shield steal to be so mediocre…ugh.

And yeah, the skill upgrade might be worth it in PvE, but the stun is the overall most useful (eventhough I hate the stun mechanic on Shayne since Aurox is attached to the stunned target so you can’t hit them hard with melee and have to end up chucking Boomerangs at them lol)

Glad you agree with Level 6 being a waste of a helix level.