S&A's new skin, Fun and Games, has sound effects

And it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. When you jump, it makes a squeaking sound and her Clock has a musical tune. There’s a few more sound effects as well. I like the amount of detail that went into making it.


It’s tier 3 skin for a reason.

Now waiting for those who bought the other “beach party” skin to tell me about funny effects/noises with them as well.

Rath’s plays an Ice cream jingle when he Ult’s. No one else has new sound effects added to their skins sadly…

I need to check that out. It’s such a small thing but it amuses me

I’ve heard that Marquis’ skin gives the owls little swimsuits as well, but I haven’t seen it myself.

Yeah, I can confirm that it does, which is petty cool.

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