[S] PS4 Players with Infinity Pistol or Power Level Lobby [H] Marcus Missions open

Hello Guys :smiley:

I am searching for some Borderlands 2 Players on Playstation 4.

For me I am German but me and my friend both can speak English.

We want to Power Level to 30/50/70 or something like that.

We are Level 15 Assasin and Level 22 Sirene.

My friend has the Quest from Marcus open to Kill the Test Zombie at his Weapon Trainee.

We only need someone who has the Infinity Pistol or his own Way to level up fast.

Please add me on PSN if u can help :smile:

PSN ID : xThisFaMouZ

In greets

Monty :smiley:

Still need help?

Please help me out if you can I really need the help on BL2 my characters didn’t transfer onto ps4 add me or send a message: TheDarkWhite64