S&S Allegiance Adventures

Name’s Nova. Recent employ of S&S after defecting from rival Maliwan. If you’re wondering why, piss off. Now, for my first assignment I’ve been sent to Pandora to find a mysterious Vault (I have good credentials… Shut up!) in the name of S&S. And along the way, they figure it would be at least a little beneficial if i use just their gear. However, Geoff forgot to appropriate me some weapons before I left… Idiot. So now I have to find my gear myself.

Well, that didn’t take long… But it says I can’t use it until I prove my worth… This sounds like pretentious bullcrap that Maliwan would pull. Yeah, it’s definitively Maliwan screwing with me.

Well, ran around and shot some of the wildlife and bandits. Nothing too special, although a damn shield would be nice…

■■■■■■■■ are trying to get me back. Yeah, not happening, losers.

Oh. Nice. Expensive though… Oh well, I doubt I’ll find anything better for a while.


Anyways, some blind redneck sent me on a mission to kill a bandit leader of sorts. He was easy but his damned skags ripped me a new one. However either this “Nine Feet” or whoever the hell he is either trained those dogs extremely strict, or they’re complete idiots because I just stood on the bleachers or whatever and they never came after me, just stood there and roared…

Found this after receiving my payment.

Afterward I got some more missions from these people. Then I got a call from S&S saying that thanks to a screw up by Geoff the most recent shipment of S&S shields is a long journey’s ahead of me and that I won’t have one for a long time, so in the interest of keeping me alive through all this they will let me use Anshin shields until I can get my hands on an S&S one since they’re good business partners. They also said that they have killed Geoff and harvested his brain to send their scientists so they can learn how extreme stupidity happens in the human brain. Good.

Anyways, while doing those quests I stumble across this.

Ha! Vladof. What a bunch of suckers! (Secretly inside I’m wishing I could use that. It looks so nice.)

Damn this skag is tough. only 3 legs and he’s charging me full speed. No wonder T.K. lost his leg to this thing.

Now with that out of the way, I think it’s time I use this bit of tech I nicked from Maliwan while I was leaving them. Suckers.

Why did a skag have this? Oh whatever, some industrial strength cleaning fluid and it’s ready to use.

Why thank you, T.K.

So after some more bandit shooting I’m given a mission to go to the safe house of Sledgehammer, the leader of all the bandits in this region. His hideout was smooth sailing for a while, then…
I shot this ogre at least 30 times in the head! What the hell kind of steroids is this freak on?!

Oh well, took him down and found this hiding in a secret chest.

Going to get the key that unlocks the way to Sledgehammer’s mine. This should be eas… Oh lordy…

Not sure how i killed him, but I did it… Got the key and jetted from this place before I encounter a 20 foot attack panther or something.

And more tech I nicked from Maliwan. God, their security sucked there.

Anywho, on the way back I figured I would do this job to kill some skags dubbed Moe and Marley. Dunno how they can be worse than what I’ve already faced… Wait a minute…


Damn those Maliwan Assassin Skags were tough bastards. Can’t buy me back so now they try to kill me… Oh well, good thing I stole those hardwares from them.

Wait, you just tried killing me now you’re trying to buy me back again?! ■■■■ OFF MALIWAN!

Went into a place called the Lost Caves. I’d call it Skag Hell. I swear if I never see another skag… However, these bandits were hiding some nice gear from me! Glad I finally found some more weapon types. Damn ammo was running low all the time.

I go gear up some more before going to Sledge and find this.

Oh S&S, I knew you’d pull through for me at some point :heart:
Well… Cracks neck. On to this Sledgehammer guy.


Nice :thumbsup:


I make sure to follow this.

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You better. I did name the save file after you xD

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D’met, I was gonna make a joke about this and it was going to be awesome! BLAAAKE!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS WAS GOING ON, I MISSED OUT!

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Blame Geoff.

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Now this is some funny ■■■■.

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Yeah. I got up to rescuing Lucky and killing Skagzilla, but that was only 5 pictures, not enough to do another post. And I also have to be in a writing mood. It took me two weeks of having the pics in the first post before i wrote anything. So basically, when I’m ready it’ll get updated. But thanks for showing interest in it :dukeego:

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This is awesome! :smiley:

well done. I was very entertained. :acmaffirmative:

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Love the progress and narration! Hahaha.

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Just a note: Thanks to the winter sales on Steam, I got over 20 games. Because of that, it may take me quite a long time to get back to this. But I will get back to it at some point!

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Hope so ;p
Don’t want to dissapoint S&S now, do you?

I think you mean Nova won’t want to disappoint S&S.

badonk tsh

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