S Shaft with splash guns, No(Vamp, FFYL). M3 TVHM, M4

I like these slpash guns. And Foursum has its own unique fun.

By the way why someone hate me because I don’t use Grenade healing.
And with calling it a “constructive criticism” and asking me stop doing what I usually do.
I just wondered what he had on his mind.


5:56 “Yeah, F that shipping crate.”

Nice vid.

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Really nice video.
Gotta say, you’re way more effective with the Foursome than I’ve ever been, and your rocket dodging skills are top tier.
That being said, your primary source of shield regen seems to be health packs from ammo chests, and you get a lot of mileage out of your cryo crowd control, so I would caution anyone expecting to easily duplicate your effectiveness with this build.

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With the amount of high armor in the Slaughter Shaft, Cryo with any build is very good. The CC helps for survival.

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It was due to -70% regen modifier. If not, there is no need to consciously try such a way.

And you can challenge yourself with a variety of types of guns, not in this way. For example, this is the way it is.
But, yes you’re right. No FFYL is not a easy one.

Very interesting. You could really push it to the limit if you swapped in a Blaster Master class mod…

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Oh? Not bad( If there are no skulls). Thanks.

Listening to your suggestion, I found that I had a good Mind Sweeper to use WesterGun and tried it. I thought it would be difficult when this event was going on, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe Blaster Master is better.

Ever since I found a Blast Master COM, I dropped my Bloodletter COM for it and that was before the Bloodletter got nerfed. If you’ve already got a skill point in Redistribution, then you’d be surprised how much of a DPS buff it is in itself when you’ve got 2/1 in that skill, not including the passive bonus for guns (and grenades) dealing splash damage as long as you don’t reload.

Your build in terms of skill points looks very similar to mine too; although my Blast Master COM has +2 in Vampyr, it never is a factor because of the Deathless relic (and no Bloodletter COM to convert the health regen) so it’s totally doable if you’re looking to maintain that ‘no Vampyr’ angle. You might lose out on the utility of the Bloodletter being your sole means of investment in Phalanx Doctrine, but you’re wearing a Transformer shield anyway so you should be fine.

However, the one weapon that will lose out on DPS if you change to the Blast Master is the Foursum due to its low-ish mag size and how often you reload with it. But the Trevonator and Westergun (both of which I also use in my build) will dish out way more splash damage thanks to 2/1 Redistribution, and you can use the Scourge without reloading if you synchronise your blasts with Cloud of Lead.

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Thank you for your thoughtful opinion. It is so good. And I’ll give it a try if I get a BM with a buff that I like. (I prefer gears that is compatible with each other. :wink:)

And Yes. I felt it with Mind Sweeper run above.


WOW… I’m speechless.



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Thanks for the vid, i’ve been thinking about a lucky 7 build and this shows me it’s absolutely an option!

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If her ammo regeneration has no bug, Marksman + Terror ammo regen will make monster dps.

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So how is this working not having to reload? I have tried to lucky 7 a few times, but seem to have to reload after a few enemies and lose my rolls. Are you shooting and reloading prior to going into to fight and getting the rolls you want, then not having to reload and keeping the same rolls through the entire map? I thought i saw you have to reload once or twice, could be wrong, but didnt see your rolls pop up and reroll.

That’s exactly what’s happening. It’s cool but this is just an exhibition build imo.

Wasnt sure if there was a truck to getting the rolls you want and keeping them, or if you literally had to sit before each run and keep re rolling. Sadly that kills too much time trying to use it for farming bosses. Id be just as quick using other methods then shooting and reloading until i got the ideal rolls, then if you do screw up and lose your rolls , having to sit and do it all over again.